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Last updated: December 18, 2017

7 Editorial Styling Tips From Fashion Week To Your Salon

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They’re the team known all over the world. They’ve worked on some of the biggest shows—think London, Paris and New York Fashion Weeks. And not only are they extremely talented, but they exude a passion for their work and a kindness for all that is truly unmatched. It may have been the weekend of our Sweet Sixteen, but when label.m took the BTC “On Tour” stage at the Chicago Theatre last weekend, it was definitely their (U.S.) coming out party!


For label.m, it’s all about teamwork and an unwavering passion for the creativity behind the art of hairdressing. “When we work together, that’s when we get to create strong visuals, strong work and we get to have fun as a team,” Richard Mannah, label.m’s International Artistic Director, told the crowd.


And his statement rang true, because as they closed the first-ever “On Tour” stage, they brought it—and everyone felt it. From their finished models and their top-of-the-line education that brought high-fashion looks to salon-friendly styles, to the captivating banter between Richard and Efi Davies (the 2015 #ONESHOT Winner for Editorial Shot of the Year!), label.m nailed their presentation with flying colors.


But let’s get to it. We’ll stop crushin’ (for now) and just give you what you want—all the inside tips, tricks and techniques!


1. It’s All About Back-Brushing
When working on a big look, back-brushing is going to be your best friend. While Efi was working on her DIY Beehive, she told the audience to backbrush into the head and be careful to avoid knots in the hair. Whatever shape you are going to give your client, back-brushing will get the hair to the exact place you want it to sit.


Left, Efi demonstrates the back-brushing technique. Right, the final look.


2. Think Outside The Box
Richard explained that sometimes the coolest looks come from using the most unconventional tools. He used a net to create a wave on the front section of the head, and totally changed the finished look in the process. As you begin to create the shape, add the net over the hair and spray the desired area with hairspray. Let the hair dry, and take off the net. This trick can complement any look while also making the style something completely different.


Richard used a net to hold the wave over the cheek, then sprayed to keep it in place.


3. One Trick, Many Looks
Efi demonstrated the net trick on the model in the photo below, highlighting that this trick can be utilized in many different ways. When working backstage at fashion shows, you have to be ready to think on your toes and get creative. The same thinking can and should be applied in the salon.


Efi used the net trick to hold down this model’s fringe to create an interesting difference in texture and style.


4. Spontaneity Equals Creativity
When working on his alien/scorpion inspired updo, Richard told the crowd that at first the braid was meant to go down, but after messing with the style, he lifted the tail-end of the braid up and the designer ended up going with this look. “If you over-plan what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it, you leave no room for the moment or the emotion that goes into a hairstyle,” Richard said.


That scorpion tail braid? A completely spontaneous idea!


This idea of spontaneity should carry over into any setting—even when cutting hair in the salon. “Sometimes you’re in the middle of a haircut and you cut a piece, and it inspires you do something else, to take the haircut to a new level and it turns out amazing,” Richard said on stage. “This is usually the sort of thing that is not planned.”


5. Try Unexpected Material
Don’t be afraid to add some extra material. Richard showcased a braiding and knotting technique he has done in the past, but altered it so that it could be replicated in the salon. He adds different color wool, opens up the hair, criss-crosses the sections and gets an impressive braided effect. Watch how he does it! 


6. Don’t Let Your Braids Fall!
While working with updos and braiding specifically, it’s about placing your technique within the braid and having control and cleanliness throughout. To create this five-strand reverse braid, Efi started with very clean sections and added product throughout the process. Every time you pull a braid apart, it sinks back in. Therefore, adding label.m Style Dust during the process helps keep the hold and keeps your client happy because the look won’t fall.

7. Bust Out Your Sewing Kit
Whether you’re working backstage at a runway show or doing updos for a bridal party, this trick is invaluable: sew the hair! Richard explained that he uses a needle and thread to create knots that hold ponytails and braids tight and in place. This minimizes the chances that models quickly changing, or a crazy-dancing bridesmaid, won’t undo the updo.

The label.m team hanging out backstage before hitting the “On Tour” stage!


The label.m models working it for their final walk.

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