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Last updated: June 07, 2018

5 Tricks for Confidence in Beauty School

Whether you’re just starting out in your cosmetology school adventure, or are in the midst of a program that will bring you one step closer to your dream job, you could always use some pointers from the pros. To help you make the grade, we got the lowdown from some of the best educators and seasoned stylists in the biz. Here are five pieces of beauty school advice you’ll be glad you know!

1. Mistakes Aren’t Fatal
“We make ‘discoveries,’ not ‘mistakes,’” says Winn Claybaugh, dean and co-founder of Paul Mitchell Schools. “I once saw an esthetics student wax off a client’s entire eyebrow. Her instructor simply said, ‘Wow, what an amazing discovery you just made!’ Will the student ever do that again? Nope. And why was it a positive learning experience and discovery for the student—one from which she could learn—rather than a mistake that would only create more negative blocks? Because she wasn’t traumatized by the learning leader. There was no pain attached to the experience, and she was therefore able to learn and move on.”



2. ‘Be Willing to Be Willing’
“Our egos are lousy masters, and when we feel we know it all, we slip into stagnation and risk being mentally blocked,” says  James Morrison, lead stylist at Morrison Hair. “So I tell myself on a regular basis ‘Just be willing to be willing to learn.’ Remember that this is a journey. As some wise being said, ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.’ I say to you—enjoy the journey!”

When it comes to learning, “We make ‘discoveries,’ not ‘mistakes,’” says Winn.

3. Confidence is Key
“Confidence is power and experience is priceless,” says Sassoon North American Creative Director Traci Sakosits. “The more you expose yourself to different opportunities at a student level, the more confidence you will have once you graduate and become a professional in the industry.”

4. First, Master the Fundamentals
“Focus on fundamentals and on quality—build your skills by doing your best work every day,” says Aveda’s Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders. “Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals and you really understand hair, you’ll have developed your foundation for greater creativity and innovation.”

5. Be a Self Promoter
“The only way to get busy is to ‘GET BUSY,'” says Living Proof Global Creative Director Michael Shaun Corby. “It can become very easy to sit back and read magazines or run and grab Starbucks several times a day, but that will not build your business. When I was starting out, I would take my business cards to malls, banks, restaurants, office buildings and many other public places. On the back of the card I would print ‘Free Consultation,’ then I would sign the card in front of them and tell them they had two weeks to use the card. They would often ask, ‘What would you do with my hair?’ and I would always say the same thing: ‘It’s all part of the consultation so come in and discover the new you!'”