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Last updated: November 27, 2019

5 Tips To Up Your Accessory Game

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5 Tips From Celebrity Stylists On Working With Hair Accessories

You can’t deny that hair accessories are having a major moment right now. Whether your clients are coming to you with hair inspo or you’ve been keeping an eye on the red carpet, you can’t escape the barrettes, bobbles and bows and why would you? We talked to celebrity stylists Justine Marjan (@justinemarjan) and Virtue® Creative Director Adir Abergel (@hairbyadir) to get their expert opinion on incorporating pieces into your work. 

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1. What Is The Client Wearing?

Before you start bedazzling your clients head, make sure you consult with them on their outfit plans. “It all depends on what my client is wearing,” says Adir. “If the outfit is a moment in itself, I usually prefer to keep the hair classic, simple and modern. I only use accessories when it compliments the look and doesn’t compete.”


Justine adds, “I always bring a big case of hair accessories with me for every job in case there is something that will really bring the entire look together. Sometimes it’s not necessary if there’s already a lot going on with a look, but I love that hair accessories are now a much more accepted staple to every girl’s wardrobe.”


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2. Create Balance Through Placement

When placing the accessories in the hair, you want to make sure you’re not overwhelming the look. “It’s all about proportions. Building the eye for balance develops over time through experience,” says Adir. 


Justine recommends using the face as a guide when deciding where to place the accessories. “Sometimes I love pieces right around the hairline, so almost [like] a mini headband, and sometimes it’s more about the back of the head. I use the cheekbones or the edge of the eyebrows as a guide.”



3. Start With A Solid Foundation

It’s important that you build a solid foundation before you start adding in the pieces or they may not stay in the hair. “Texture equals foundation,” says Adir. “For example, if a client has super straight, silky hair, I first need to build texture in the hair and create a foundation in order for the accessory to be supported.” Try Virtue® Texturizing Spray to give accessories something to grip.


Instagram via @justinemarjan


4. There Really Are No Rules

After you’ve covered the first three tips, now you have room to experiment and play around. “Don’t overthink it…Hair accessories are meant to be fun so there are no rules when it come to wearing them. I love that you can wear a single piece or mix and match 15 pieces,” says Justine.


5. Go-To Accessory Brands

I always reach for my collection with Kitsch [#kitschxjustine], first and foremost! If that doesn’t suit the occasion I love Jennifer Behr and Lelet NY for luxury pieces, Valet Studio, Lele Sadoughi, and Etsy,” says Justine.


Adir adds, “I collaborated and created some accessories with Lelet NY. They are some of my favorite go to pieces. I also love to shop at craft and art stores. I always find something unique or something that I haven’t thought of to incorporate into the hair.”


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Instagram via @justinemarjan


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