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Last updated: September 16, 2022

5 Tips For Cutting Layers To Enhance Balayage

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @danilo.bozic

@Danilo.Bozic Shares How He Uses Cutting To Make His Balayage Pop

Do you start your balayage services with a haircut? Danilo Bozic (@danilo.bozic) has shared with BTC University why you should. His tried and true balayage pre-cut prepares complements foil placement and creates soft, blended edges without taking off any length. To learn Danilo’s entire cutting technique, visit BTC University!


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1. Prepare your cutting lineup

For a basic but most effective cut, Danilo uses three different pairs of ARC™ Scissors:

  • Danilo uses the Master Series Paragon II, 6″ because he prefers cutting on dry hair, which allows him to see exactly what the hair will look like in real time.
  • To blend, Danilo prefers the Master Series Symmetry 30/2 Reversible Blender because the reversible blade gives him more control over how much hair is removed. Depending on the blade position, he is able to customize his blending technique to the clients hair type and density.
  • When it comes to texturizing, Danilo recommends using a Symmetry 10/10 Reversible Texturizer, which removes bulk and baby hairs that skew the rounded shape of his cut with 60 to 70 percent removal.


Pro tip: Danilo also keeps a wide-toothed comb close by so he can have a little more freedom while combing through sections.



2. How to section and cut your layers

Danilo’s cut is tailored for client’s with existing layers. This maintains a soft, blended perimeter, avoid a blunt finished look. Once the hair is layered, begin sectioning and cutting:



  1. Start by taking two inch-thick, small sections from behind the ear.
  2. To maintain length, overdirect the hair 90 degrees from the scalp.
  3. Using the previous section as your guide, continue over-directing the hair to blend. Be sure to crosscheck your sections to ensure the cut is even.
  4. Once the back is finished, repeat the technique in the front.

The result: a smooth, blended perimeter with the same amount of length.


Pro tip: Instead of changing your body position, move the chair to reposition the client. This will help maintain control over sectioning.


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3. Don’t be afraid to face frame

If the client is apprehensive about bangs, Danilo opts for a subtle face frame that adds dimension while also blending any holes along the hairline.


Pro tip: The most common mistake made when cutting these bangs is forgetting to readjust your angle depending on which side of the face you’re framing. Make sure your blade stays consistent for an even cut.


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4. Texturize, texturize, texturize

Danilo prefers the Master Series Symmetry 30/2 Reversible Blender to add texture to his pre-balayage cut. Not only are these scissors gentle and readjustable, but they are especially good at removing bulk in certain areas of the hair, like the midlengths, without taking away any length.


Then, move to the front of the hair with a Master Series Symmetry 10/10 Reversible Texturizer to keep those ends from looking blunt.



5. Plan for a smooth finish and future maintenance

Danilo enjoys finishing up his pre-cut appointments with a touch of oil and CAVIAR Anti-Aging® Perfect Texture Spray by Alterna Haircare, which leaves the hair soft while maintaining a slight grip. Danilo recommends the client plans their appointment based on whether they want to maintain the length (two to three months) or if they want to grow it out (about four months).


Pro tip: When styling, move the hair forward so it moves with the natural flow of the cut.


The result: a timeless haircut that will look good no matter the style or part—the perfect pre-cut to take your balayage to the next level. Watch Danilo’s full class on BTC University here! 


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