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Last updated: November 27, 2019

3 Ways To Price Color Correction Services

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3 Ideas For Pricing Color Corrections

Are you pricing color correction services accordingly? Here’s the thing, they require a lot of time and use up a lot of product, so if you’re not factoring those two things into your base price, you could actually be losing money. Of course, things like location and experience influence price but it also comes down to preference, so keep scrolling to learn three different pricing tactics from BTC Team Members @iamginabianca and @roxybeautytouch that’ll help you make more money.


1. Do Some Math

We promise it’s not as scary as the Algebra homework you were required to do back in the day but it’ll help adjust your current prices so they cover your time and products used for each color correction. Here are the steps Gina recommends:  


  • First, dial in your pricing and ensure you’re charging the proper amount based on what it costs to provide your services. 


  • Next, figure out how much profit you’d like to make.


  • Then, add in product costs for corrections (and retail if you’d like to include that).



2. Or You Can Charge By The Hour

If the steps above has your head spinning, Gina recommends charging by the hour. It’s what she does at her salon, Gina Bianca Hair in Southington, Connecticut, and she typically charges anywhere from $120 to $130 per hour depending on the client’s hair. “It will help you so much and ensure you’re not giving away hours of service and ounces of product,” shares Gina. “Hourly is always the way to go and typically it ends up being close to the same price as your a la carte services if your pricing is dialed in.


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3. Base It Off The Price Of A Root Touch-Up

For Roxy, pricing color corrections depends on the type of correction it is. If a client wants to be platinum blonde and they have regrowth, Roxy bases the cost of the service off the original price of a root touch-up. “My root touch-up for every 4 to 5 weeks is $200 to $250, so I just add that up according to how many weeks of regrowth they have and charge an additional $100 for the technique used,” shares Roxy. 


Instagram via @iamginabianca