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Last updated: July 03, 2019

3 Ways To Make More Money With Eyelash Extensions

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Diversifying the services your salon offers is a smart way to make more money, and eyelash extension services are one of the industry’s fast-growing service opportunities. For salon owners who already offer these services, you’re going to want to keep scrolling, because we’re breaking down three additional ways to make more money with eyelash extensions. And if you don’t yet have lash extensions on your service board, we think we’ll convince you below!

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First, a quick note on pricing—did you know that the supplies you need to offer lash extensions only cost around $7-$14 per service, but you can charge $200 to $400 for the service? Like we said, it’s a moneymaker. We talked to NovaLash Global Master Trainer Zachary Falb (@the_eyelash_king) for three ways you can make more money with eyelash extensions.


1. Get certified in a groundbreaking technique that other salons don’t offer.

If you can advertise that you’re the only one around doing a highly desirable service, you’ll be on your way to seeing more $$$. Clients want the latest, greatest and coolest product and services, so take a certification class like the new London Volume technique from NovaLash. This brand new technique launched July 1 in the U.S. and is truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen—think the “mega-volume” lash look but with lighter extensions, fluffier lash fans and even better longevity, PLUS you can price London Volume services about 10 to 20 percent higher than traditional volume lash services.


Below: London Volume before and after!

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2. Offer quick and easy add-on services.

Customization and personalization are the foundation of a quality lash extension service, so take it a step further and offer a “Candied Lash” bar! NovaLash Candied Lashes come in 10 shimmery colors and can add a delicate sparkle to a client’s lashes for a special occasion—think holidays, birthday parties or bachelorette weekends! They last up to two weeks and you can typically charge about $25 to $50 more a service when you use Candied Lashes!


Check out the subtle sparkle that Candied Lashes offer!

Check out the subtle shimmer of the NovaLash Candied Lashes in Gold! Lashes by NovaLash Brand Ambassador Neicole Van Horn (@lashesbyneicole).


3. Upgrade the products you retail in your salon.

The key to loyal lash extension clients is LONGEVITY. If those lashes last, you’ll have a line out the door. But without proper at-home care, you can’t guarantee your work will make it the projected four weeks that NovaLash adhesive lets you achieve. Solution? Retail lash extension-safe aftercare kits and cosmetics. The NovaLash Aftercare Kit includes cleanLash, to clean and condition lashes and keep them looking healthy, a LASHwand to maintain lashes and the NovaLash mascara, specially formulated to use with NovaLash extensions when necessary. Retail these for $18 to $46 or build the cost into your lashing prices.


Click here to learn the London Volume technique!

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