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Last updated: October 21, 2019

The Truth Behind Eyelash Extensions—4 Common Myths Debunked!

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2019 NovaLash Brand Ambassador Bianca Betancourt (@purblissspa)

Eyelash Extensions: 4 Common Myths & Beauty Facts
So, your clients want to step up their lash game but are still having some doubts about the process? Hand them this! We’re spilling the tea 🍵 on four common myths surrounding eyelash extension services—so you can more easily communicate how lashes will help them embrace their inner beauty-bloggers! Plus, how NovaLash techniques will give them the dramatic effect, longevity and low-maintenance routine they want.


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Myth #1: You have to wait 24 to 48 hours to get your eyelashes wet.
Whether you’re worried about losing a lash on vacay (cheers to more beach days and poolside margs!) or ruining your makeup—no worries! NovaLash’s new Royal Platinum Bond® Adhesive (the brand’s quickest-drying and thinnest adhesive yet) is instantly waterproof and oil-proof.


novalash london volume mega volume lash technique
We’re serious…I mean look at NovaLash Global Master Trainer Zachary Falb (@the_eyelash_king) doing a full-on application in the pool!



Myth #2: They will ruin your actual eyelashes.
Yes, you want to step up your lash game BUT you don’t want to ruin your natural lashes. NovaLash techniques, like the all-new London Volume Method, create extremely lightweight extensions (aka less damage!), allowing lashes to look thick and full even when they shed. While they’re thinner in diameter than American Volume, there are more of them to create fluffier, lightweight fans with a more dramatic effect.


Pro Tip: Salon professionals 🚨 You can price London Volume services about 10 to 20 percent higher than traditional volume lash services. OMG, right?!


Tap HERE to watch and learn the London Volume Method!novalash london volume mega volume lash technique




Myth #3: Lash extensions look fake.
Say it louder for people in the back 👏🏻 NovaLash certification = complete customization for your clients! What will prevent unnatural-looking lashes and boost quality lash services? Prolonging outgrowth and improving lash maintenance with retail!


  • Longevity: Infills are needed every four to five weeks, depending on a variety of factors. Even on week five, London Volume maintains a full appearance even as they shed. 
  • Retail: You wouldn’t let your color-treated clients leave without at-home care products, right? Same for lashes. Recommend retail products like the LASHwand brush to maintain lashes and cleanLASH 3-in-1 pads to remove eye makeup, cleanse the eye area and condition the oil-proof Platinum Bond adhesive.


NovaLash Eyelash Extensions The Truth Common Myths Debunked lashwand
NovaLash LASHwand


Myth #4: You can’t work out with eyelash extensions.
You can’t use your lashes as an excuse for ditching that pilates class with your girlfriends anymore 😂 NovaLash Royal Platinum Bond® Adhesive is not only water and oil-proof, but it’s also INSTANTLY sweat-proof! So YES, you can still make your class at the gym directly after your lash services. Watch the video below to see these lashes in action!



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