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Last updated: July 17, 2017

3 Tips to Get You Booked Solid

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“What does personal development have to do with being booked solid? Everything,” states Paul DiGrigoli, owner of award-winning DiGrigoli Salons and School of Cosmetology in West Springfield, MA. In his highly acclaimed guide, Booked Solid, Paul provides insight into how to improve the quality of your work, which translates to client retention and a full appointment calendar.


Paul’s philosophy is, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying. The choice is up to you.” If you want to stay booked solid, increase your income, be recognized for your skill and creativity, and have clients begging for appointments, you can’t stand still in the present. You need to commit yourself to a personal development routine that will bring out your best, as a person, as a stylist or as a colorist.

Here are 3 tips from Paul’s chapter on Personal Development. To learn about all 14 tips, you’ll find Booked Solid in the BTC bookstore.


1. Building Confidence – the positive side of fear. It’s important to realize that fear often holds us back from success and trying new things. Sometimes it’s good to be afraid and uncertain of the future because when we feel too safe, we get complacent. To some degree, a bit of fear and excitement keeps us searching for something better. To increase your income potential, have you been afraid to try or learn new cutting, coloring or long hair styling techniques? Make a list of the skills you want to perfect, so you may confidently add them to your service menu. Then seek the educational tools that will get you there, such as local classes offered by manufacturers and distributors, online education and webinars.



2. Practice makes perfect. You simply can’t advance yourself if you don’t take action. We learn by doing. If you want to instill new habits that will make you a better hairdresser and a better person, you need to practice and repeat the actions until they become second nature to you. This takes two things: passion and discipline. It’s like your teacher telling you to do your math homework, when all you’re interested in is art. Meanwhile, you’ll happily practice painting all day. This is because your passion for painting is strong. As a result, it’s easy for you to have discipline. Find a technique or hairdressing skill that ignites your creative passion and find the tools you need to learn the technique. You will be inspired to practice. Offer free services to family members, friends and colleagues so you can perfect your skills.



3. Learn how to change your conditin. Life will throw you some bumps and hurdles. We can all count on unexpected challenges from time to time. Whatever it is, you have the power to change how you react to negative situations. It takes some work and dedication, but the other option is to be miserable, and as we all know, that won’t help you stay booked solid. For instance, if someone says something rude to you, and you usually yell back at them, do the opposite. You can walk away or quietly note, “that wasn’t very nice,” and then, walk away. Notice that when bad things happen and you react negatively and emotionally, it just makes you more upset. If you make yourself do the opposite, you will find that you think more clearly and feel better about dealing with a situation. Do some experiments. You know the hot buttons in your work place and home life. Stop and think – I’m going to try a different, calmer reaction – then see what happens.


Paul encourages you, “Every mistake you’ve made is a learning experience. Use mistakes to your advantage, because they certainly help to drive you in making better decisions for the future!”


To learn about Paul’s added tips for becoming a better stylist and person, you’ll find all 14 tips in Booked Solid, available now in the BTC Bookstore.