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Last updated: June 22, 2018

3 Styling Mistakes That Will Ruin Fashion Colors

@katkolors waving technique using the CHI Lava on fashion colors
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3 Styling Mistakes That Will Ruin Fashion Colors

Quick! What’s the fastest way to ruin a freshly-painted fashion color? Keep reading to see the top three styling mistakes that will ruin fashion colors, plus the solutions from CHI artist Cynthia Diersen and BTC team Member Kat Collett (@katkolors). 

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Mistake #1: Your flat iron is always set to 400, no matter what client is in the chair.

  • Solution: When styling fashion colors, Cynthia suggests using the CHI LAVA Hairstyling Iron between 350 and 370 degrees. When styling natural color, use the LAVA between 380 and 400 degrees.
  • Here’s why: The oxidation of indirect dyes (more traditional color services) occurs during its processing time so it colors farther inside the hair strand—leaving a more permanent end result and allowing for higher heat to be used on the hair. With direct dyes, like CHI Chromashines, the color molecule has been pre-oxidized so it colors more on the surface of the hair—making it less permanent and more susceptible to color fade from high flat iron temperatures.



Mistake #2: You use high heat and larger sections to flat iron faster.

  • Solution: Use small sections of hair to create smoother outcomes more efficiently and effectively.
  • Here’s why: Cynthia likes to say, “slow it down to speed it up.” Using smaller sections with the CHI LAVA Iron will not make the styling process longer. Instead, it will take fewer passes to get the same end results, and fewer passes of heat along the hair shaft means healthier strands. 


Watch Cynthia create super sleek strands after a color service without disrupting any of its vibrant shade.


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Mistake #3: You use whatever heat-styling tool is closest to your station and already plugged in.

  • Solution: Use a tool that protects the client’s color investment and your hard work. @katkolors like the CHI LAVA Iron because it counteracts color fade on her fresh fashion tones. 
  • Here’s why: The iron combines ceramic technology and lava rock minerals to infuse hair with hydrating heat and ions. This feature helps close the cuticle and seal in color pigment instead of fading it out. 


Watch her waving technique below on a fresh fashion hue!


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