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Last updated: May 18, 2021

3 Sectioning Techniques For A Brighter Money Piece

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Use These Sectioning Techniques For A Bolder Face-Frame

A wise man once said, “A bright money piece can bring so much beauty to a client.” That wise man was 2019 BTC #ONESHOT Cool Balayage Winner and TRUSS Professional Brand Ambassador Mickey Colon Jr. (@mickeycolonjr). He brought his blonding expertise to The BTC House where he shared his tips for sectioning, blending and application. We know that starting with the right game plan can set any service up for success, so we’re sharing Mickey’s sectioning tips for a bolder face frame below. Scroll down for all the sectioning tips and tricks and click here to purchase Mickey’s class on BTC University!



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1. Start Sectioning By Isolating The Front



For Mickey, it’s all about a bold, bright face frame. So when it comes to sectioning, he utilizes clean lines and focuses on the hair that naturally falls forwards. Here’s how Mickey breaks down his sections:


  • Create a center parting that runs from the hairline to the crown.


  • Then, isolate the front sections by taking straight partings from the crown to the middle of the ear. Why? “If you take your parting behind the ear, it can get a little tricky when connecting everything together. This allows you to focus on the front first.” Mickey explains.


2. Start With Horizontal Partings At The Hairline For Easier Connection



Mickey’s motto behind the chair: work smarter, not harder. To keep everything clean and connected, Mickey begins his face frame with a horizontal parting at the client’s ear, creating an upside-down triangle section. This ensures that even if the client has any peaks or recession, it will be connected with the rest of their balayage. Even though you want to create dimension within your blondes, Mickey explains, you don’t want to leave out sections that may result in holes or dark spots. Continue connecting sections by taking horizontal slices upwards towards the top hairline. 


Pro Tip: Since this section tends to be thicker, (a little more than one inch) use a basic weave to separate into two. The thinner the sections the brighter the results, Mickey advises. So keep sections as thin as possible to achieve the desired lift without compromising the integrity of the hair.



3. Use A Diagonal Back Parting For Wearable Versatility 



Ready to section off that bold money piece? The key is to section off enough hair to create dimension when worn down, but bold and bright when pulled back. Here’s how Mickey ensures a bright money piece with a seamless blend:


  • Working off the client’s natural part, take a diagonal back parting about two inches back from the hairline into their recession (around the temple area). A diagonal parting allows the hair to naturally fall forward and will create a natural blend with the other sections at the crown.


Pro Tip: The farther back the diagonal parting, the bolder the money piece.  


Click through the slideshow to see more of Mickey’s day at The BTC House! To see more of Mickey’s blending technique, click here to have lifetime access to his class on BTC University! 



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