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Last updated: May 31, 2017

The Toolbar by CHI

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“Why didn’t I think of that?!” Well, lucky for us, Farouk Systems, Inc. did. Introducing the new Toolbar by CHI: the interactive toolbar that eliminates the barriers between customers and products. Because really, who WOULDN’T want to test out a product they’re thinking of buying? By creating a more fun, interactive enviornment, salons have the chance to create a unique experience for their clients while offering an upgraded level of service. Bonus? The selection of tools is pre-set to include a combination of bestselling tools and the new DURA CHI professional tool line, AND the toolbar comes pre-assembled!

“In order for salons to become the preferred retailer for beauty products, the retail experience needs to evolve as the consumer embraces new ways of shopping. Salons have an advantage when retailing—consumers trust their stylists and rely on them for expert advice,” said Basim Shami, CEO of Farouk Systems, Inc.

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