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Last updated: September 03, 2014

The Chevron Collection from Betty Dain

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Betty Dain Creations has come up with their trendiest summer bag deal yet. Introducing Betty Dain’s Chevron Collection. This vibrant deal will include 1 Chevron Styling Cape, 1 Chevron Straw Tote and a pack of limited edition matching 4-pack of Croc Clips.

The trendy Chevron Styling cape is water resistant, made of lightweight polyester and has a convenient snap closure making it a Betty Dain favorite. Continue to section & hold large amounts of hair with our limited edition Chevron collection 4-pack of Croc Clips. Finally, it wouldn’t be a summer deal without our Chevron Straw Tote. This tote will fit perfectly for any of those days off you want to attend to the beach or simply run errands for your salon.

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