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Last updated: May 26, 2015

Sam Villa Razor Kit

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The tools you use should be just as amazing and multidimensional as the cuts you provide! Enter—The Sam Villa Razor Kit. With its unique 360° swivel design, the Sam Villa razor gives you the freedom of movement and control you need to keep your cut game strong. The ergonomic finger design reduces wrist strain by keeping your hand in a natural position. These blades, made of Teflon-coated stainless steel, provide a cut both smooth and sharp.

Also included comes an eight piece comb set made of carbon fibers, silicone and graphite resins that make for a smooth glide. They can withstand up to 450° degrees of heat! The kit also provides a 45 minute cut tutorial by the man himself, Sam Villa, demonstrating the best of the best in razor cutting techniques so you can get those cuts sharper and that texture bolder.

Kit Includes

Sam Villa Razor Trio
3 Razor Handles
11 Straight-Edge Blades
6 Blending ”9-gap” Blades
6 texture “6-gap” Blades

Sam Villa 8 Piece Comb Set
4 designs in black
4 designs in ivory

“The Shake” Razor Hair Cut Video Download
A 45-minute Sam Villa razor haircut video

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Sam Villa Razor Kit