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Last updated: June 01, 2017

New! Joico Mermaid Collection (Intensity Shades)

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Dive into extreme color with Joico’s new Mermaid Collection Intensity Shades. These three mesmerizing hues are guaranteed to make a splash with modern mermaids and mermen alike. These super vibrant, intermixable semi-permanent colors are perfect for dreaming up a variety of gorgeous, seaworthy looks. Shades include: Color Intensity Mermaid Blue, Fiery Coral and Black Pearl; plus the best-selling Color Intensity Light Purple.

Different Strokes for Different Looks
– Horizontal slices – maximum color visibility on the surface
– Vertical slices – minimal bursts of color
– Diagonal slices – visible-yet-diffused color effect
– Mix-and-Match Foil Placement – very dramatic results
– Clear Mixer – allows you to control the intensity of each strand

See the shades in action! Get the Color Block Formula & How-To!

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