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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Neons: Bowls, Clips and Brushes from Colortrak

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Colortrak Accessories has announced their latest accessories set: The Neon Collection.
Inspired by our Colortrak Summer of Color campaign, this fun collection will include Neon Color Brushes, Neon Croc Clips and Neon Color Bowls.

Neon Color Brushes – With new feathered bristles for smooth application and improved coverage. These brushes will come in a 6pk set which include 2 wide brushes, 2 precision brushes and 2 ultra precision brushes.

Neon Croc Clips – Their rubber finish ensures no slipping while working with wet hair, product or color. These fun Clips come in a 6pk of assorted neon colors.

Neon Color Bowls – Eye catching stackable bowls with measurement markings, handles and a non-slip bottom.

In an array of bright colors like green, yellow, orange, tangerine, pink and purple, these unique summer tones are what make the Colortrak Neon Collection a stylist’s best friend.

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