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Last updated: September 17, 2020

Olivia Garden Launches Protective Salon Equipment Line

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Olivia Garden Releases “Essentials” Product Line 

With salons reopening, enhanced safety guidelines are requiring stylists to invest in additional salon supplies. To help hairdressers get back to work safely, Olivia Garden has released their “Essentials” line, a full protective product line that features both disposable and reusable equipment. Keep scrolling for a full look! 


Disposable Gloves




Available in both clear and black, these professional-grade vinyl gloves are available in three sizes (S, M and L). Check out more details below:

  • Powder and latex free
  • Chemical resistant 
  • One box contains 50 pairs 


Clean Bags





These single use, self-sealing bags can store disinfected tools and help keep stations clean and organized. Check out more details below:

  • Can be used to store capes, towels, brushes, tools and clips
  • Available in three sizes
  • 100% recyclable 
  • One box includes 100 bags of the same size


Note: Olivia Garden Clean Bags are to be used WITH state board sanitation guidelines. After thoroughly sanitizing, place a clean item inside a Clean Bag to open in front of the client before use. 


Disposable Chair Covers




Designed to fit most salon chairs, these single-use covers are an easy way to make sure stations are clean between clients. Essentials Disposable Chair Covers can be used two ways:


Use #1: Place cover on sanitized chair before client comes in. Have the client sit on the cover throughout their appointment and discard the cover when the client leaves. 


Use #2: Can be placed on a clean, sanitized chair between clients, during a stylist’s break or at the end of a shift before the stylist leaves for the day. 


Check out some more details below:

  • Waterproof and chemical resistant
  • 100% recyclable, clear plastic
  • Can be used at stylist stations, shampoo areas, manicure and pedicure stations
  • One box includes 25 chair covers

Reusable Face Mask 





With facial coverings now mandatory for both stylists and clients, masks are now a salon staple. Check out the details for the Essentials Fabric Face Mask:

  • 100% machine-washable fabric
  • Includes sleeve insert to be used with or without a disposable mask
  • Color-coded stitching for easy organization
  • One size fits all design with adjustable ear loops
  • One box includes four masks


Face Shield 




In addition to face masks, some stylists are required to wear additional face coverings. The Essentials Face Shields are reusable and offer extra protection. Check out more details below:

  • Elastic headband with adjustable buckle
  • Anti-fog transparent shield 
  • Sold individually in a poly bag


Disposable Cape





To help with all the extra laundry, these single-use capes are 100% recyclable and come in the stylist-approved black shade. Check out more info below:

  • Waterproof and chemical resistant 
  • Ties at the neck for adjustability 
  • Made from PE plastic
  • One box includes 20 capes


Disposable Face Masks



These single-use face masks are soft and comfortable for everyday wear and can be used as an insert for Olivia Garden’s Reusable Face Masks. Check out more info below:

  • 3 ply breathable, non-woven mask
  • Features a nose strip for adjustable fit
  • Filters airborne particles 
  • One box includes 50 masks


Reusable & Reversible Printed Fabric Face Mask




These soft, stretchy reusable face masks are perfect for adding a little style to your PPE. Made from a comfortable T-shirt fabric, one side is printed with a design, while the other side is stylist-approved plain black. Check out more features:

  • Machine washable & dryer safe
  • Made from 2 layers of extra-thick quilted fabric
  • One size fits all
  • Each package includes 2 masks


All Purpose Cape




This breathable, lightweight cape is perfect to use for any salon service. Care is easy and can be laundered for multiple uses. Check out more details below:

  • Waterproof, chemical and stain resistant
  • High-quality snap closure
  • Wrinkle resistant 
  • One size fits all
  • Available in Black


All Purpose Apron




This breathable, lightweight apron is perfect for any stylist to wear throughout the work day. It has large reinforced pockets and features an adjustable neck strap and waist ties. Check out more features below:

  • Strong durable fabric
  • Wrinkle resistant 
  • Easy care, wash and wear
  • Available in the color Black
  • Available Nov. 1, 2020


All Purpose Gown 



This breathable, lightweight gown is perfect for clients to wear during any salon service. It is one size fits all featuring an attached waist belt for adjustability. Check out more features below:

  • Waterproof, chemical and stain resistant
  • Available in the color Black
  • Wrinkle resistant 
  • Easy care, wash and wear
  • Available Nov. 1, 2020


All Purpose Jacket




For clients who are uncomfortable wearing a cape, this breathable jacket features a front button closure and lightweight material. See more features below:

  • Perfect for all salon services
  • Waterproof, chemical and stain resistant 
  • Easy wash and wear care
  • Wrinkle resistant 
  • One size fits all
  • Available Nov. 1, 2020


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