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Last updated: February 26, 2018

A Wellness Approach to Balayage!

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Looking for a safe, more gentle way to tackle your client’s color challenges? Malibu C offers wellness solutions that not only help preserve the integrity of your client’s hair, but also gently, yet effectively, draw out hard water mineral buildup on your clients’ hair, which are likely the cause of your major color challenges. To create a signature balayage look with a less-invasive approach to this popular technique that is currently in high demand EVERYWHERE, Missy Peterson, Salon Owner and American Board Certified Colorist, shares her how-to for a more gentle approach to this lightening service using DDL Direct Dye Lifter on a client’s virgin hair (who, by the way, just happens to be her daughter). Here’s how she does it!

Colorist: Missy Peterson
Manufacturer: Malibu C, @malibucpro

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  • 1

    In a mixing jar, combine 1 Crystal Gel Wellness Remedy Packet with 2 oz. of water. Shake to mix until a gel is formed, then set aside.

  • 2

    Shampoo the hair with Un-Do-Goo Shampoo by Malibu C.

  • 3

    Towel-dry the hair and apply Crystal Gel Wellness Remedy to damp hair from root to tip. This step is essential to prepare the hair for any chemical service. TIP: Save a small amount (¼ recommended) of the Crystal Gel for use after the balayage has processed to stop the oxidative action of the peroxide, which helps preserve the integrity of your client’s hair.

  • 4

    Thoroughly work the Crystal Gel Wellness Remedy into the hair, ensuring distribution and complete saturation.

  • 5

    Bag the client’s hair and process under heat (using a hooded dryer or heat cap) for 45 minutes.

  • 6

    At the shampoo bowl, rinse the hair with warm water then shampoo out the Crystal Gel Wellness Remedy (Color Wellness Shampoo by Malibu C recommended).

  • 7

    Prepare for the balayage by combing out the hair and drying it in the shape that the client wears their hair. Be sure to accentuate the natural fall of the client’s hair, as the goal is to create custom light and the look of natural movement in the hair.

  • 8

    Mix DDL Direct Dye Lifter with either water or developer, depending on the desired strength and processing for your client. For a subtle, natural-looking balayage (pictured) achieved with more gentle lifting, mixing DDL Direct Dye Lifter with water is recommended.

  • 9

    Apply DDL to a paddle (just like you would with any other open-air lightener) and paint the pieces of hair you’d like to lighten (no different than how you’d use another lightener for the technique).

  • 10

    Separate the layers with cellophane and process at room temperature until desired level of lift is achieved.

  • 11

    When the process is complete, rinse at the shampoo bowl (Color Wellness Shampoo by Malibu C), then apply the remaining Crystal Gel Wellness Remedy to the hair, running it though as you would a conditioner. This shuts down any active chemical in the hair to help prevent damage and breakage.

  • 12

    Shampoo out the Crystal Gel Wellness Remedy with Malibu C Color Wellness Shampoo and follow with Miracle Repair Reconstructor for best results.

  • 13

    Finish with desired cut/blowout/style.