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Last updated: July 27, 2012

Two-Toned Crop from Pivot Point

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Two-Toned Crop from Pivot Point

Think about your client roster. Who’s your client with that spunky attitude, that fashion-forward sensibility and that passion for fun? She’s always on the run, often rolling out of bed and hitting the road—but thanks to her chic haircut, she always looks good. We just so happen to have a how-to for that haircut and color from Pivot Point International, Inc.! This short crop has a stylish juxtaposition of length, and the two-toned nature keeps it looking multidimensional and on-trend. Read on to learn how you can create the look!


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    Crystal’s hairstyle has lost its shape and her color has grown out and faded. She wants to update her look with a trendier cut and color combination that make a stronger fashion statement.

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    Take a vertical parting in the center back. Work to the right converging subsequent vertical partings to the design line. Then work from the center to the opposite side.

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    Take a vertical parting over the right ear. Work toward the back converging subsequent vertical partings to the design line. Use the same technique starting over the left ear.

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    In the circular section, create a small, zigzag circular section to the left. Twist counterclockwise, project at 90 degrees and slide cut.

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    Work through the larger circular section using pivotal partings. Project straight up, use a length guide from the smaller circle and notch for a length increase toward the perimeter.

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    Use diagonal partings with a stationary design line projected at 90 degrees. Converge all lengths to the left.

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    Air form the hair. Release a parting parallel to the left front hairline. Use comb control to sculpt a curved line around the left eyebrow.

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    Release a thicker parting on the right side. Use natural distribution and minimal project. Sculpt a horizontal line connecting to the curved line.

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    Texturize the interior using thick pivotal partings. Project straight up and notch deeply.

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    Sculpt a concave line at the nape hairline using comb control or a freehand technique.

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    Apply Level 8 violet gold + 20-volume (6%) developer to the exterior and the base of the sideburn and interior. A Level 10 violet blond toner will be applied to the untreated hair at the shampoo bowl. Process, rinse, shampoo and condition prior to styling.

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    Crystal’s finished look has a greast shape and texture that’s enhanced by the color contrast.

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    Artist – Paul Suttles, Pivot Point International
    Makeup – Rue Dufkis,
    Fashion Designers – Isaac King,
    Jewelry and Accessories – Rossi Cole,
    Fashion Photography – John Gress,
    Senior Photographer/Videographer – David Placek