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April 6, 2011

TONIandGUY Reflective Collection Men’s How-To: Ryan


TONIandGUY Reflective Collection Men’s How-To: Ryan

Zak Mascolo and the TONI&GUY Artistic Team transformed Ryan using shears and a classic comb-over technique. Male clients, especially those with an underlying likeness for ‘60s throwback, will swoon over this cut and style. Get the Book! TONI&GUY Reflective Collection

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    Establish a horseshoe section at mid recession. Starting at the sides, scissor over comb with the wide teeth of the comb rounding off the build of weight at the top.

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    Continue through the back using the same approach. Repeat the technique on the opposite side. Power dry and detail the hairline using the fine teeth of the comb.

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    Release the top section. Take a profile parting and isolate two diagonal back hairline sections.

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    Establish a profile section, comb to 90 degree and point cut from short to long, rounding at the crown and creating a slight disconnection from the underneath.

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    At the crown take a diagonal back section and overdirect it to the center guideline and point cut to blend.

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    Continue with diagonal back sections across the top; overdirecting each one back and in to the profile guide. Repeat this technique on the opposite side creating an inversion.

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    At the front hairline, release the diagonal back sections. Starting at the side, comb “T” to the part and point cut square. Blow dry and detail the lengths on the top with deep parallel point cutting and slicing to remove more weight.