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January 14, 2015

The Man Bun


The Man Bun

If your male client is looking for something a little different—try this twist on a traditional cut and style—the Man Bun. The lines are sleek and hedged and the top is perfectly twisted up into an edgy, hip bun. Part grunge, part sophisticated—this is the new, modern man of today. The pros at Eufora show you how!


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    Treat you guys right and begin your “man service” with an incredible shampoo and a Hot Towel Wrap.

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    To begin the cut, section out hair at the desired point, and use the clipper against the head, moving up to part without “C” shaping. Note: You want the length of hair to be the same at the part as on the hairline.

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    Carve in the perimeter. Here, a Euro neckline was chosen because the client’s growth pattern falls in naturally with this design line.

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    Next, work the edges of the neckline and around the ear with a clipper-over-comb technique to soften the line. You can use detachable blades or attachments if you haven’t perfected your C-over-C technique. Then take your 40s and detail around the ears and neckline for your finish work, making the edges soft and seamless.

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    Finish the cut using a razor to clean up the neckline and remove neck hair.

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    Using Grooming Cream, rake the product into damp hair toward the crown of the head.

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    Once the hair is in place, use an elastic to wrap around the base of the bun. Once tight, fold the hair that’s sticking out of the ponytail in half; until a bun is formed and use the elastic to secure.

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