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Last updated: November 20, 2017

Shear Taper with Extended Pompadour

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Shear Taper with Extended Pompadour

Men don’t always want undercuts or long locks (Jared Leto, we’re talking about you!) Some men want classically barbered hair, with clean and tight fades. The trend for Spring? Longer hair with endless styling possibilities. Hair that can go from smooth and structured to that ‘I just woke up and ran my hands through my hair’ look. Here, Eufora HERO for Men Barbering Team Member, Steven McLaughlin shares his how-to for the perfect shear taper with an extended pompadour. He calls this sleek and sexy cut “Jack of Hearts“, and we think most women will agree that any man sporting this cut will very well steal their hearts.

Manufacturer: Eufora, @euforainternational


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    Start by cleansing the hair with Eufora HERO Complete Shampoo and condition with Eufora HERO Revitalizing Treatment to create an optimum scalp environment.

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    Treat your guy right by giving him the ultimate salon experience with a hot towel barber wrap. Towel Preparation: One towel will be dedicated for the Aroma Wrap. Fold a clean towel once lengthwise. Then fold it again the short way, bringing together both ends of the towel. Apply Eufora HERO for Men Exceptional Shave™ to the face. Run the towel under hot water or place in a steam cabinet. Wring out the towel to remove excessive moisture, and apply to the client’s face in a barber wrap.

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    Take your comb and cleanly create a section from recession to recession (zone 1).

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    Take vertical sections from the recession to the top of the ear (zone 2) all the way around the head. Use Eufora 7-inch Shears to cut the hair at a slight diagonal to create a taper effect.

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    Starting at the bottom of the neck, scissor-over-comb up to the previously cut section. It’s important to seamlessly blend your sections together in order to create a consistent length around the perimeter. 

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    Using a comb and the corner of your trimmers, comb the hair up and toward the back of the head and tidy up the area where the facial hair meets the side burn. This is done to ensure seamlessness throughout the sideburn/beard area.

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    Tailor the perimeter and neckline to keep it looking natural but square. Do not scrape downward on the skin as this will cause irritation. Instead, sweep upward to where the hairline lies. This technique helps ensure a soft, but masculine look. *Note: Do not stamp the hairline in.

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    Cut the Mohawk section slightly inverted to create a short to long effect. Following that guide, cut the rest of the top section at a slight downward diagonal angle to create a rooftop shape.

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    Using your trimmers, clean up the facial hair along the bottom of the jawline. This is where the neck and jawline meet.

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    With the help of Eufora’s HERO for Men Exceptional Shave™ and a Eufora Razor, shave the back of your client’s neck. *Note: Since this is a longer style, cleaning the neck up as much as possible will help keep your client looking well groomed.

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