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Last updated: May 30, 2017

Prime Blonde from Schwarzkopf Professional

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Prime Blonde from Schwarzkopf Professional

Believe it or not, some women are still naturally blonde, yet missing that hint of spotlight glamour. To intensify a natural blonde and really make her shine, the BLONDME lightening and toning system easily creates a shiny, soft, authentic blonde look. “To create the perfect blonde result on a first-time blonde, work with multi-tonal reflections to keep the color natural, but head-turning,” notes Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Global Ambassador, Kim Vo. Here’s how Kim keeps his blondes looking bright and dazzling all day long.  

Schwarzkopf Professional Presents Iconic Blondes!

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    Natural Tone: 8-0
    Lengths & Ends: 9-0

    Schwarzkopf Professional Color Formulas

    Formula A: 20g BLONDME CRYSTAL Lightening Powder + 60g BLONDME CRYSTAL Transparent Gel Developer 6% (20-volume)
    Formula B: 60g BLONDME Lifting ICE + 60g BLONDME Premium Care Developer 6% (20-volume)
    Formula C: 60g BLONDME Toner ICE + 60g BLONDME Premium Care Developer 2% (7-volume)

    *Timings may vary based on starting level and desired lift and tone.
    ** Total mixture will vary based on client’s hair density and length, please refer to BLONDME Instructions for use.

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    Spray the BLONDME Pre-Lift Kera Protector, section by section, throughout the hair and then blow-dry the hair.

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    Create a V section.

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    Using Formula A start painting highlights around the V section (directly with the brush to the strand).

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    Put cotton wool on the V section. Then open the section and continue painting highlights, section by section, until the complete V is highlighted.

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    Finally cover the top V section with plastic wrap and let the color process for 20 to 45 minutes*.

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    Apply Formula B on the complete regrowth area except for the V section, creating a “false regrowth look.” Leave to develop for 15 minutes until the regrowth is 1 level lighter (Level 9).

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    After rinsing off the highlights and lifting color, apply Formula C all over the hair, particularly saturated at the regrowth.

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    Feather down toward the midlengths and ends and allow the color to process for 1 to 30 minutes*.

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