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August 14, 2017

Nocturnal Sky Nail Art

We are HERE for this holographic, galaxy-inspired nail art look, achieved by layering and sponging some of the shades in the new Nightspell collection. It’s perfect for the upcoming chilly fall nights! Check it out.

Manufacturer: CND, @cndworld

Products Used




  • 1

    Prep the nails. CND® recommends using the P.E.P. Technique to ensure CND® VINYLUX® adheres properly to the natural nail plate. P.E.P. stands for Perform a Manicure, Eliminate Surface Contaminants and Purify Nail Plate Layers.

  • 2

    Apply two thin layers of CND® VINYLUX® Viridian Veil.

  • 3

    Apply a thin layer of CND® VINYLUX® Eternal Midnight in a chevron, leaving a “V”-shaped moon of CND® VINYLUX® Viridian Veil exposed.

  • 4

    Mix a few drops of CND® VINYLUX® Mercurial with acetone in a mixing tray.

  • 5

    Use tweezers and a piece of cosmetic sponge to apply CND® VINYLUX® Mercurial where the CND® VINYLUX® Viridian Veil and CND® VINYLUX® Eternal Midnight meet.

  • 6

    Apply a thin layer of CND® VINYLUX® Weekly Top Coat.

  • 7

    Finished look.

  • 8

    Close-up of finished look.

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