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June 30, 2015

Men’s Tight Slickback


Men’s Tight Slickback

Sleek, sharp and a little bit rugged, this tight slickback is edged and trimmed to perfection. It’s Sons of Anarchy tough with a healthy dose of Mad Men’s dapper charm. Discover how Schwarzkopf Professional Men’s Grooming Ambassador, Matty Conrad creates one of the top men’s cuts for summer.



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  • 1

    Section the hair into a classic horseshoe right at the recession passing just below the crown. Make sure the sectioning is clean and that the part is flat or parallel to the floor, then lock the top section away.

  • 2

    Use two combs and your mirror to ensure that both sides are balanced.

  • 3

    Use a #3 blade to establish a consistent length on the sides and back. Be sure to slightly rock the blade away from the scalp at the top of the section to help maintain a slight buildup in the corner and give the sides a nice flat appearance.

  • 4

    Use your adjustable clipper set all the way open (or a #1 blade) and shave the bottom of the section.

  • 5

    Leave a soft weight line approximately 1-inch below the parting.

  • 6

    Use clipper-over-comb to remove the weight line and blend the two lengths together.

  • 7

    Outline the perimeter creating as clean a line as possible around the back and sides.

  • 8

    Be sure to edge out the hairline in the front and around the face. This gives a much cleaner look to the overall cut.

  • 9

    Cut the top section starting in the back. Establish a slight overhang in the back using point-cutting to soften and remove weight. Draw each section back to the crown and elevate slightly to further reduce bulk.

  • 10

    Blow-dry the hair using a Denman brush at the front hairline to create volume, then blow-dry the rest of the hair straight back until it is approximately 85 percent dry.

  • 11

    Apply OSiS+ Thrill throughout the hair to achieve shine and an almost weightless control.

  • 12

    Comb the hair into place.

  • 13

    Finished Look

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