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Last updated: March 09, 2011

MEMBERS ONLY: Pleated Rosettes from Ann Bray

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MEMBERS ONLY: Pleated Rosettes from Ann Bray

Ann Bray created this daring and lovely look for last year’s America’s Beauty Show (ABS) advertisements and we’re beyond thrilled to share the how-to with you. So grab your ceramic flat iron, some natural wefts of hair, a rat-tail comb, some foil and your Aquage Working Spray and let’s get to work. 

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    Begin with a 2-inch wide weft of hair (natural not synthetic). Fold the weft in half horizontally (to make a thicker 1-inch section). Secure it onto a wig block (mannequin form covered in wool fabric traditionally used when working with wigs) with a couple of pins at the base. Spray generously with Aquage Working Spray on both sides of the section from about 6-8 inches away. Aquage Working Spray is Ann’s favorite thermal setting product.

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    Place weft on top of a sheet of foil that is slightly longer than the weft, to make sure weft can be covered from base to ends.

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    Fold foil over weft.

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    Take a 2-inch section of the foil wrapped strand. Place a rat-tail comb in the middle. Fold in half over the end of a rat-tail comb. It’s very important that you perform this step cleanly to properly mark a crisp, sharp edge across the weft.

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    Press the folded section of the weft for a few seconds with a ceramic flat iron to set the fold in place.

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    Repeat steps 4 through 5 on subsequent 2-inch sections until you reach the ends.

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    When the entire foil covered weft is pressed it should look like an accordion pleat from base to ends.

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    Allow the weft to cool off for a few minutes to room temperature before removing foil away. Delicately and gently remove the foil exposing the now fully pleated weft. If the edges are not crisp and well defined, you probable did not use enough Aquage Working Spray. We advise you to test the amount needed on one or two wefts until you achieve ideal result before making multiple pleated wefts.

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    The final step for making the individual pleated rosette is to form the weft in a radial pattern until the ends meet the base forming a complete fan-shape circular rosette. To secure the ends to the base, either use a Bobby-pin (if you plan to reuse the wefts), or glue them together with a hot glue-gun (to permanently form the Rosette). Ann recommends that you make as many rosettes as needed to cover the surface of the style.