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Last updated: May 30, 2017

Long Luscious Layers and Color Formulas from KMS

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Long Luscious Layers and Color Formulas from KMS

Long hair is at its best when it’s infused with bouncy movement.  This concave layering technique from the KMS Freedom of Style collection offers up remixed street style with a healthy helping of unbridled self-expression.  The cut is destined to be a client favorite in every salon.

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    Prep hair with KMS MOISTREPAIR shampoo and therapy treatment. Create a teardrop section on top of the head from the forehead to the crown. Then create a ‘V’ section from the widest part of the teardrop to the occipital bone. Secure the length away.

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    Release the ‘V’ section. Elevate a central vertical section 90 degrees from the round of the head and create a stationary guide.

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    Continue working with vertical sections, over-directing back to the stationary guide, elevating 90 degrees and cutting on the parietal ridge. Complete the opposite side in the same manner.

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    Release the teardrop section, lift a horizontal section at the crown to 90 degrees and cut square to the head. Continue taking horizontal sections, elevate to 90 degrees, over-directing to the previous section and cut square until the section is complete.

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    Place a natural parting on the top of the head from forehead to crown. Take a diagonal back parting from the natural part to the ear. Over-direct the hair forward, elevate to one finger’s depth and visually connect the length with a razor. Take a second diagonal back section, over-direct forward, elevate to natural fall and cut to connect the length. Repeat on the opposite side to complete the cut.

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    To style, apply FREESHAPE hot flex creme through mid-lengths and ends. Spray FREESHAPE quick blow dry throughout the hair and blow-dry with a smoothing brush.

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    Customize with texturizing scissors to personalize the haircut.

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    Apply SILKSHEEN polishing serum throughout the hair for silky shine and frizz control.

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    Goldwell Color Formulas
    Formula A—base: Topchic 7OR + GG Mix + 20 volume developer
    Formula B—highlights:  Goldwell Blonding Cream + 30 volume developer
    Formula C—gloss:  Goldwell Elumen KB@7 + GK@all + KK@all

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    Hair: Edwin Johnston, KMS North American Artistic Director
    Haircolor: Dimitrios Tsioumas, Goldwell International Artistic Master
    Styling Products Used: KMS California
    Haircolor Used: Goldwell

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