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Last updated: November 04, 2010

Kurt Kueffner DNA Collection “Jason” Cut

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Kurt Kueffner DNA Collection “Jason” Cut

The “Jason” cut from Kurt Kuffner’s/MENSDEPT “DNA” Collection is a modern take on a classic Depression-era haircut. “Some amount of contrast between the short hair on the sides and the bottom of the haircut and the long hair on top is what lends a more modern feeling to this style,” he says. Grab your clippers and follow along as Kurt demonstrates this very on-trend cut.

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    Establish a primary parting in a horseshoe that separates the top and bottom of the cut—as illustrated—from 1-inch below the recession point beginning a steep arch upward, until just over the ear, where the parting begins to drop down. Clip this disconnected panel away.

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    NOTE: Extreme interest is created by maximum scalp exposure below the occipital.

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    Begin the cut at the right-hand temple using a classic freehand and clipper-over-comb technique and a classic taper haircut approach.

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    The initial guide panel is created aggressively short and followed around the head.

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    Transition to the top panel by standing directly in front of the right side of your guest. Create a concave section that references the parietal section, but does not mirror it. NOTE: The more extreme the concave angle, the greater the contrast of disconnection there will be in the front and occipital area. Take sections straight off the head, parallel to floor and cut shape that mirrors your parting, establishing a guide for top of the cut. Continue working in ½-inch parallel partings until you reach the center top of the head. Repeat on the opposite side of the head.

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    Standing behind your guest, take ½-inch vertical partings across the top of the head directly from behind the ears. Pull hair straight off top of head and establish final length for the top by cutting a guide according to design objective. This becomes a slight traveling guide for the top of the head, leaving length at the front. Work in ½-inch parallel sections toward the front directing hair back. Then stand in front of the guest and repeat parallel sections from guide to back of head. Customize the length in front, combing hair to natural fall according to your design objective. Using shears, remove extra weight to create final form.

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    To style, prep towel-dried hair with Aveda Men Pure-Formance™ Firm Hold Gel and comb into final style. Allow to air-dry giving control to final look. Style hair with Aveda Men Pure-Formance™ Liquid Pomade to add a strong, pliable hold. Finish with hairspray if desired.