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Last updated: May 30, 2017

Kim Vo’s Dip and Tip Technique: The Evolution of Balayage

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Kim Vo’s Dip and Tip Technique: The Evolution of Balayage

One day your client wants basic highlights, the next they want Balayage! What to do? The “Dip & Tip” technique is the perfect way to seamlessly convert a “Highlight Foil” client to a Balayage client. If you have a foil client who wants Balayage, this is the technique to be used before you can start!

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    Sectioning is key for this technique!

    Make 2 sections in the front. Then lift the sides and create a rectangle section around it. Twist the hair on the top to fix it.

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    Section the sides. Start the section at the front next to the ear. Connect at an angle. Do the exact same thing on the other side.

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    Make a horseshoe section on the crown, just like a happy face. This is how you split the crown.

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    Lastly, split the 2 sections at the bottom. So, you have a total of 6 sections.


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    FOR ALL APPLICATION STEPS: It is important to paint with the fine part of the tip of the brush. Place the color on one side of the brush only, just like a “souffle”.

    Take thin sections from the bottom of the back section and paint the fine hair in the back. Place the cotton under the hair anywhere where there could be possible skin contact. Go around the area artistically, taking fine sections, 2-3 inches from one another.

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    Continue with the top of this section. Wherever you pick up the hair, you paint. Go 1/8 inch away from the scalp and  drag the color all the way down. Then go back and tap the color towards the scalp, without touching it. Continue with other side.

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    After you have completed the back section, continue with the “horseshoe” section. Place cotton on the “happy face” on the top head. Take bigger sections and continue to paint.

    Tip: Do not work against the natural flow of the hair, work with it.

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    Continue to add additional sections at the top head. Place a cotton between each section.

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    After you have completed the top area of the “horseshoe”, continue to paint the small sections on the sides, all the way down toward the ear.

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    Continue with the top two angular side sections. Place cotton between each section

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    When you come to the front, the sections have to be smaller. Clients have all their baby hair in the front. So you have to “paint around the face” in sections of approx. 1/8 inch to build a structure.

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    Continue with the top section. Lift the hair. Unveil the part that you clipped earlier. Split each top section in half.

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    Paint the top head. Also, make sure to paint the little baby hair to give it a look as if “just kissed by the sun”.

    DEVELOPMENT TIME: 20 Minutes for clearest blonde.

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    Tone the hair for 2 minutes for the ultimate BLONDME Shine.

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    Natural Level 7

    FORMULA 1: Mix 1 part (15 grams) BLONDME Premium Lift 9+ Lightener + 3 parts (45 grams) BLONDME Premium Care Developer 9% (30 Volume)

    FORMULA 2: Toning & Glaze – Mix 1 part (30 grams) BLONDME Toning Cream Sand + 1 part (30 grams) BLONDME Premium Care Developer 2% (7 Volume)

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