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August 5, 2016

Modern Razor-Cut Bob

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Modern Razor-Cut Bob

T.Swift, Demi Lovato, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence…no question, the bob is IN. This modern cut from Macadamia Professional’s Donnie Vasey uses a combo of shear and razor cutting to create movement and remove weight. Textured but classic—the perfect cool-girl look.


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    Create a diamond section 4 inches wide at the top of the crown. Add a smaller diamond section below on each side. Starting at the front top of the diamond, create a part to the front recessions of the hairline and clip away. Take a diagonal parting from the corner of the side diamond to the back of the ear, then repeat on the other side. At the back point of the diamond, create a part down to the occipital and clip the two bottom sections, allowing the hair below the occipital to drop down.

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    Holding the hair straight, cut to ½ inch with the razor. Using a traveling guide, cut the remainder of the nape. This section is the undercut.

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    Drop the bottom left section. Pinch the hair together, overdirecting the outside hairline, and cut with the razor using the bottom of the back hairline as the guide. Repeat on the bottom right section.

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    Drop a 2-inch subsection on the side section. Using a guide from the back corner, cut a straight line to the front with the razor. Repeat on the opposite side.

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    Release the remainder of the side section and elevate to a 45-degree angle. Holding the razor horizontally, cut the section with a medium stroke. Be sure not to cut into the established length. Release the small diamond and continue to cut in the same manner. Repeat on the opposite side.

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    Overdirect the entire fringe section over the right eye. Hold the razor on an angle from the inside corner of the eye to the recession and cut. Next, overdirect the hair to the left side and cut from the inside of the left eye to the recession.

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    Release the large diamond. Drop the hair into its natural fall and softly connect to the previously cut hair.

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    Finished Look