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March 3, 2015

How-To: Men’s Classic Shape


How-To: Men’s Classic Shape

We owe a lot to Don Draper and his band of “Mad Men” for both supplying us with high quality television over the past seven years and for bringing back that sleek, sexy 1960s men’s style. Don’t lie, we know you were getting sick of grunge and bangs on your men! You prefer your guys looking as neat as a martini, straight up!

To achieve that 1960s look and feel, follow these steps from Eighteen Eight Fine Men’s Salon and their Classic Mad Men style.   


1 Shampoo the hair with BOS Scalp Cleanser, and while still damp create a horseshoe-shaped parting to separate the side of the head from the top.
2 Using a freehand technique, anchor the clipper to the side of the client’s head and move the clippers upward to suspend the hair and create your weight line. Working from your dominant side, establish the length the client is comfortable with, then continue the technique round the back and to the other side of the head, making sure to follow your established guide. 
3 Use the clipper-over-comb feathering technique to blend the weight line you created. The feathering technique has a similar outcome to shear over comb.
4 Create a T-shaped parting on the top of the head to keep everything organized. This will separate the back from the front, and the left from the right. Take horizontal sections to build weight.  Follow your guide from the previously cut section and continue taking horizontal sections through back section.
5 Allow the top of the head to fall into the front sections of the T-shape parting and, keeping the back separate, take side-to-side partings, pulling the hair 90 degrees off of the head.
6 Soften the clipper work with shear-over-comb.  Remember, you are not re-establishing the length.
7 Tighten the perimeter of the hairline using a 000 blade over an all-purpose comb. This technique will really bring the look together.
8 Use the back of finger to feel for any imperfections and tighten the skin. Then follow the finger with the feather razor to clean the neckline to create a more natural, de-emphasized hairline.
9 Establish where the hair naturally separates to identify the part’s location. Moving from the back to the front create your part line with the 000 blade. The completed part line should meet the back section of the head.
10 Rinse and condition the hair. Place a hot towel on the client’s face to relax him, then clean hair off of his face. Blow-dry and then work in a little American Crew Defining Paste to style.