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April 15, 2016

How-To: Amplifying Cut


How-To: Amplifying Cut

There are a lot of reasons why your client might be experiencing thinning hair—aging, stress, genetics, hormonal changes or even diet. Regardless of the reason, you can offer her a solution: a cut that will amplify her locks and a three-step regimen, Tea Tree Scalp Care Anti-Thinning from Paul Mitchell, that will keep them healthy. Get the steps here!



  • 1

    Start with freshly washed hair using Tea Tree Scalp Care Anti-Thinning Shampoo and Conditioner. With a natural part, section out two inches of the front hairline around the face and clip away. Section width should be at the round of the head and determined by the bone structure.

  • 2

    Just behind the front section, create an inverted asymmetrical triangle. This triangle should be two inches wide at the top and taper down toward the back left corner of the head. The end of the triangle will fall at the natural swirl.

  • 3

    Begin the haircut in the center back with a vertical section. Elevate the hair high until the perimeter length starts to drop out, then cut it short to long. Repeat this process, working toward the front hairline.

  • 4

    Overdirect each section toward the previous one. Sections will slightly pivot, getting narrower toward the top and wider toward the hairline. The guide will become stationary at the curvature of the head.

  • 5

    Repeat this process on both sides of the head. To cross-check the haircut, take a horizontal diagonal back section. Elevate the section high and cross-check it.

  • 6

    Drop down the disconnected triangle. Take horizontal sections, elevate them straight up and point-cut a flat layer.

  • 7

    Move to the sections around the face.

  • 8

    Cut a face-framing layer. Use the pre-existing shortest length as a guide and cut
    short to long. Use the chin and shoulder as reference points.

  • 9

    To finish the look, spray Lemon Sage Thickening Spray throughout the root area. Diffuse the hair until it’s dry. Use a dime-size amount of Tea Tree Shaping Cream for definition and hold. Apply a light mist of Lemon Sage Thickening Spray and “loosen” the style with the Neuro Dry.

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