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Last updated: December 10, 2009

Holiday Dazzle Hair from Jingles Global Artistic Director Douglas Martucci

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Holiday Dazzle Hair from Jingles Global Artistic Director Douglas Martucci

Your client wants all eyes on her when she enters the room at her friend’s holiday get together.  To give her a razzle-dazzle look, Jingles Global Artistic Director Douglas Martucci shares some tricks, tips and styling steps to help you guarantee men will be pushing each other out of the way to get a mistletoe moment before the night is over!

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    For a bold bombshell blonde, Martucci’s suggests using the following formula to keep heads turning!
    Natural Level: 6
    Formula: 10 FG + 40 vol in equal parts. Alternate with slices of blue light and 20 vol toned with 9B and 5 vol. Process for 15 minutes.
    Shampoo with Jingles Color Therapie Shampoo and Conditioner.

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    Martucci recommends using Jingles Jazz it up Styling Conditioner directly after color. Why? You finish closing the cuticle and it gives the hair light hold when styling!

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    It is time to break out your Flatter Me Paddle and Tuxedo Pro Marilyn Brushes.

    First, untangle the hair with your Flatter Me Paddle brush and use dryer in a circular motion to remove excess water until hair is 70% dry. Twist the hair up into a bun and leave out approximately a 2” perimeter around the head.

    Next, grab your Tuxedo Pro and start drying the hair at the base of the neck area, positioning the dryer perpendicular to the Tuxedo brush. Select small sections that fit comfortably within the bristle area and angle the Tuxedo brush to create tension. Slowly pull the nozzle of the dryer following the Tuxedo brush. Don’t forget the Tuxedo Brush is made of 100% reinforced boar bristle with bristles angled to the barrel for volume.  Continue drying small triangular sections until hair is completely dry.

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    Take triangular shaped sections and spray with Jingles XP Shine Spray.  With a 1” curling tong, curl sections away from the face and secure individual curls with a clip.

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    After the set has cooled, remove the clips and brush hair with a Marilyn New Yorker Paddle Brush to smooth hair into soft silky waves finish.

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    Spray strands with Jingles Mega Hold Hairspray to keep your client’s style touchable and in place for the entire evening.