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Last updated: June 23, 2017

Hip Neo-Glam Crop from L’anza

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Hip Neo-Glam Crop from L’anza

Is your client looking for a trendy new cut with plenty of edge? This hip crop from L’ANZA uses overdirection and graduation to create a short, varied layersperfect for adding lots of texture.

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    Create a clean center section down the back of the head. Next, create a large horizontal section just under the occipital. With even tension and slight elevation, cut the perimeter with a feather razor, about 2 to 3 inches away from the head.

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    Take the next horizontal section above the occipital, but under the parietal ridge. Using your guide from your previous section, bring the section straight out at a 90 degree angle from the head. Cut the hair in a semi-circular motion, with the razor behind your fingers. Each section is brought straight out from the head until the corner of the hairline.

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    All sections on the side of the head are overdirected back to the corner of the hairline, creating length in the front. For the front-most section, be sure to take all hair from the top of the section, toward the back point.

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    Take parallel sections through zone 3, following your previous guideline, working from a center part.

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    Overdirect hair back to the corner of the hairline.

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    For the fringe, take a section from the highest point of the head and comb forward.
    With slight elevation, cut the front part of the fringe just below the nose. Connect the front to the left and right sides, with a downward angle.

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    For added texture, start with a 1-inch center section from the highest point of the head, towards the front. Pull hair straight up and use your razor to carve into the ends and establish your guide. Follow with horizontal sections and work off your central guide, texturizing the internal part of each section.

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