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Last updated: September 13, 2017

Day of the Dead Halloween Makeup

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Day of the Dead Halloween Makeup

This classic candy skull costume is one of the most requested at salons year after year. Not only is it super creative and sure to impress at any Halloween bash, but most people will need the help of a professional to achieve the look. Here’s how to apply the makeup to get the look.

Who did it:
Venecia Hernandez of Dolce Salon & Spa


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    After cleansing, prep and prime the skin. Using a white eyeliner pencil, outline the eyes and nose. Use the white pencil to mark under the cheek bones, above and below the lips and four points around the eyes. This is going to give you the necessary guidelines to keep your design as symmetrical as possible, especially as you continue adding more details. Using black eyeliner, fill in the nose and entire eye area except for the lid.

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    Once the black areas have been completely filled, set them with loose matte black eye shadow, then add black details around the eye, making sure that an equal number of loops are being added to each eye. Apply foundation that is two shades lighter than the skin tone, and set with white powder. Fill in details around the eye with white eyeliner. Define the filled in black areas with an outline of white.

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    To start the mouth, use waterproof black eyeliner on the inside edges of the lips. From the outer corners of the mouth, draw curved lines (think handle bar mustache shaped) almost to the jaw line. Lightly sketch in vertical lines for teeth to ensure proper spacing. Go back and add more color to the teeth, adding in small triangles where the teeth lines meet your curved lines. This will add to the realistic look of your teeth.

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    Add some color! Begin by filling in the lid that was left open—this is where you can be creative!

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    Add glitter to the details above the eye. Adding a shimmery glitter to the middle of the nose also softens the look. Glue crystals below the eye, and add dramatic lashes.

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    Contour for shadow and definition. Use purple shadow to contour and add shadow. Focus on the nose and cheeks to give that sunken-in skull look.

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    Finish with a setting spray and hair accessories.