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Last updated: October 20, 2022

Classic Graduation from TIGI

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Classic Graduation from TIGI

This is where it all begins. From here, you can twist, crimp, curl and smooth to your heart’s content. But first, master this graduated bob from TIGI’s Classics Collection. The front portion echoes the fall of the classic bob, while the graduation at the nape creates movement and volume. With this shape as your foundation, the sky truly is the limit!


Manufacturer: TIGI, @tigiprofessionals


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    Create a central parting from the crown to the nape. Create two slight diagonal forward sections from the occipital bone to the middle of the ear.

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    Create a central vertical section and position the head forward. Comb the hair to 90 degrees; elevate to 45 degrees and blunt-cut the graduation, slightly decreasing in length to the nape.

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    Continue working toward the ear in pivoting sections. Comb the hair perpendicular to the parting, elevate to 45 degrees and follow the guide from the center, cutting parallel to the parting.

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    Continue in this manner until you reach the center of the ear. Then switch hands and repeat on the other side.

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    Take the next diagonal forward sections from the top of the occipital bone to the top of the ear. Work with the same elevation and pivoting sections from the center towards the ear. Work to each side in this manner.

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    Create a horseshoe section from below the crown to the recession area. Work in the same manner as before, cutting parallel to the horseshoe and following the previous guide.

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    In front of the ear, switch the elevation to 1 finger depth. Release the tension at the ear by tapping the hair down.

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    Create another horseshoe section from the crown to the high point of the recession. Continue working with pivoting diagonal forward sections. Comb the hair to its natural fall, elevate to the stationary 45 degree angle and cut parallel to the horseshoe following the previous guide.

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    At the ear, shift the elevation to 1 finger’s depth to maintain weight through the perimeter line at the side.

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    Cut the remaining top sections in the same manner, working in pivoting diagonal forward sections.

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    Dry the hair. Remove a small amount of weight from the top of the graduation with parallel point cutting in the comb. Use a freehand technique to perfect the side perimeter.

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    Further detail the hairline using freehand point-cutting and surface cutting.

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    Finished look

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