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August 18, 2017

Cheat Long Blonde Locks


Cheat Long Blonde Locks

Extensions make everything easier—especially when it comes to dealing with your wishy-washy clients. So if she wanted a midlength chop last appointment and now she comes in wanting long blonde locks instantly, it’s no problem! We’ve got the tools you need to know about and a styling how-to to make it all happen.


With the 10-piece Human Hair Extension Kit from Hairdo, creating length and volume is simple and fast. Plus, with their clip-in line, you can give your client a quick transformation that isn’t permanent. Here’s how pro stylist and Hairdo Brand Ambassador Kristina Barricelli cheats long blonde hair fast!

Artist: Kristina Barricelli
Manufacturer: Hairdo, @hairdousa

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    If you decide to use all 10 pieces of Hairdo’s Clip-In line, here is a general guideline for how to section and position the extensions. 

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    Gather and detangle the hair. Then, using a rat-tail comb, create an ear-to-ear part in the nape area and secure the remaining hair with a duckbill clip.

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    Select a weft that fits in the size of the part, open the pressure sensitive comb clip and secure in place by combing onto the hair and snapping in.

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    Gather the hair and create another ear-to-ear part staying close to the previous section. If you’re using fewer pieces, you can take bigger sections.

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    Repeat Steps 5 and 6 working your way up to the crown.

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    Remember, if you use a smaller weft in a wide section, be sure to alternate from the left side to the right side when you move to the next section to keep the look balanced.

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    As you move toward the face, use the smaller hair pieces, always keeping the weft two fingers away from the hairline. Continue creating horizontal side sections above the ear and adding in the smaller wefts.

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    Once you reach the top of the head, be sure to leave enough hair around the natural part to conceal the wefts once styled. Then, blend your client’s hair with the extensions by brushing and styling the hair together.

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