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August 7, 2006

Blazing Low Lights Cut Step-by-Step from Scruples


Blazing Low Lights Cut Step-by-Step from Scruples

urban potions
[ trendsetting : progressive ]

Try your hand at one of the stunning new cuts by Scruples!  Then master the color technique as well!

And be sure to check out the full Portals Collection!

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  • 1

    Sarah first received a trendsetting : progressive haircut from the Scruples Portals Collection.

    Head shape: narrow forehead/temple with strong jaw line
    Face shape: rectangle
    Natural color: Level 6, virgin hair

    Products Used

    Urban Potions® : cutting edge conditioning foam, thermal styling spray, texturizing pomade


    Lee Storey

  • 2

    Begin by parting off a 1 to 3 inch section around the entire perimeter of the head and clip out of the way. This is section 1, an “option area” used with the Self-Tour Discovery Process.

    Make section 1 thick enough to allow for creativity. The remaining hair will become section 2.

  • 3

    Predetermine the perimeter design of the low elevation wedge in section 2. This is the interior cut (doesn’t include section 1). Comb all of the hair in section 2 into a natural fall.

  • 4

    Begin at the shortest point of your perimeter design. Comb the hair to a 1 finger elevation and cut the design.

  • 5

    Continue around the head. Do not cut any hair in section 1 at this time. 

  • 6

    Check the cut by combing all of the hair in section 2 in every perimeter design line direction so there are no longer pieces.

  • 7

    Comb the hair out from the head in vertical sections and gently soften the top corner with a shear. Do this throughout section 2.

  • 8

    Cut section 1, the option area perimeter line, by combing the hair in section 1 straight down and cutting it at the desired length.

  • 9

    Personalize the cut by framing the front fringe perimeter in an apposing line to the interior perimeter design line. Soften as desired with a razor.

  • 10

    This cut has a harder edge in the back hairline section to appose the softness in the front. An asymmetrical back was cut using a scissor over comb technique.

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