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Last updated: May 27, 2017

Balayage and Tone How-To from Matrix Color Sync

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Balayage and Tone How-To from Matrix Color Sync

This new technique combines balayage and toning for extra light and warmth. The result is a rich, flattering golden tones with dazzling high-gloss shine is the perfect look for fall. Bonus: ammonia-free coverage of up to 75% grey!

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    Cut long layers. Cleanse and blowdry to prepare for color technique.

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    Client Profile: Natural Level 7

    Grey: 25%

    Formula A: Color Sync Extra Coverage 1 oz. 6WG + 1 oz. 8WG + equal parts 20 Volume Color Sync Activator

    Formula B: V-light De-Dusted Lightener + 20 Volume SOLITE Cream Developer 

    Formula C: Color Sync 1 oz. 10G + ½ oz. 10CG + equal parts of 9 Volume Color Sync Activator

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    STEP 1: Apply Formula 1 from scalp to ends. Process for 25 minutes.

    STEP 2: Rinse Hair and dry.

    STEP 3: Take large diagonal sections from the front hairline to behind the ear. Clip remaining hair at top of head.

    STEP 4: Scoop out a U shaped section. Hold the ends with tension.

    Step 5: Apply Formula 2. Start at the mid-shaft-legnths and keep the brush flat. Apply color only to the surface.

    Step 6: To blend and sweep the color, remove color from the brush using a dry towel, then blend the area where you first applied the product up towards the scalp area.

    Step 7: Place a piece of cotton under the section to lift it away from the head.

    Step 8: Repeat on both sides and continue to move up to the top of the head.

    Step 9: Process, rinse, and cleanse. Towel dry.

    Step 10: Apply Formula 3 from scalp to ends. Process up to 20 minutes until desired tone is achieved.

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    Cleanse with Biolage Colorcare Shampoo and treat with Colorcare therapie Cera-Repair Pro4, rinse, and condition with Colorcare Conditioner.

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    Blow dry hair about 70% and apply Biolage Hydra Foaming Styler all over and use a round brush and blow dry to create soft waves. For more definition, spray Bioloage Thermal Active Setting Spray and use a large curling iron to create soft curls.

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