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October 27, 2008

Aveda Holiday Makeup How-To


Aveda Holiday Makeup How-To

Dramatic eyes and deep-colored lips, this makeup application from Aveda is the perfect ‘going-out’ look for the holiday season. Using the relaunched Uruku Makeup collection, the talented artists at Aveda show you how to recreate this look step-by-step so you can send your clients off to holiday gatherings looking like a million bucks! 


  • 1

    Using Caja Uruku Eye Accent and the Medium Eye Color Brush, prime the eye from lash line to contour. Start at the inner corner, blending to the outer.

  • 2

    Apply Verona along entire lash line. Diffuse – using a Small Eye Color Brush – past crease at the outer half of the eye. Keep the intensity at the lash line.

  • 3

    Apply Verona to lower lash line connecting the corners. Use the Eye Smudge Brush to diffuse color down and out, toward temple.

  • 4

    Encircle the eye with Black Orchid Eye Definer. Use the Eye Smudger Brush to diffuse edges, to create an elongated shape.

  • 5

    Using the Eye Smudger Brush, apply Black Tulip Eye Color Duo over Black Orchid Eye Definer.

  • 6

    Encircle the eye with Raven Mascara Plus Rose as liquid eye liner. Use the Brow and Lash Brush. Black Orchid on inner rim is optional.

  • 7

    Fill in brow with Earthen Single Eye Color using the Brow and Lash Brush.

  • 8

    Balance the skin using the Balsa Concealer and the Complexion Brush.

  • 9

    Using the Bronzing Brush, apply Linen Dual Foundation.

  • 10

    Apply Face Accents in Bronze Glow using the Bronzing Brush, from the contour to the cheek bone.

  • 11

    Line and fill in the lips with Verona.

  • 12

    Apply Passion Flower Lip Color using the Lip and Concealer Brush.

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