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April 11, 2018

Sleek Bob + Piecey Definition

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You’ve just given your client an on-trend bobnow what? Create a sleek style with piecey definition that shows off her new haircut and she’ll be obsessed (hello, client retention!). That’s why Oribe educator Coby Alcantar (@cobywon) is breaking down this quick, six-step styling technique below. Scroll through and master the cool-girl texture that short-haired clients want!


Artist: Coby Alcantar
Manufacturer: Oribe, @oribe

Products Used



Starting on dry hair, apply Oribe Mystify Restyling Spraya thermal protectant and hydrating spray, to build a flexible foundation. Then, separate the hair into four sections—top fringe, back and two side sections from behind the ear to the hairline.


Starting with the face-framing pieces and taking 1-inch sections, quickly tap a flat iron through to heat up the hair and avoid a line of demarcation. Working section-by-section, create a slight bend at the mids, then flat iron straight through the ends. 


Repeat this pattern throughout both sides, then move to the fringe. Work in chevron sections to create movement and avoid a flat, blunt fringe line. 


Then, create a sleek texture through the front.


Pro Tip: After applying heat to the fringe, run a comb through the section, allowing it to cool before dropping the hair against your client’s forehead.


Move to the back section and use the flat iron to create a sleek and straight style. The sleekness in the fringe and back creates contrast against the textured bends throughout the side sections to add movement and shape. 


Then, finish with Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray through the ends for piecey definition.


Finished Look

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