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Last updated: February 21, 2018

Minimal ’90s-Girl Style by Eugene Souleiman For Dion Lee FW18


If there is one thing we learn at fashion week, it’s that hairstyles are almost always more than meets the eye. And, any time we can chat with Wella Professionals Global Creative Director Eugene Souleiman about upcoming trends or what it takes to create cool backstage looks, we jump at the chance and always leave with some killer insight. We caught up with Eugene backstage at Dion Lee FW18 and got the in on this minimal ’90s-girl style. Here’s what he said about the look and how to recreate it.


“The look is very minimal and ’90s. It’s a tough girl, with a deep parting that’s tucked over the ears, and then there are these nice little textures—little wisps on the side of the head. The goal was to contain the hair while letting bits of it move.”


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Products Used



Spray the roots with Wella Professional Elements, then blow-dry flat. This leaves a little bit of oil in the hair to weigh the roots down and to stop any flyaways.


Next, take a section of hair just above the ear and spray it with hairspray. Use the hairspray like an air brush—where you want the intensity, spray closer to the head and where you want the fade, tip the nozzle up and let it fade out. In this case, Eugene wanted a lot of hairspray at the root and faded it out along the mids. Continue to section the hair and spray it flat.


At the midlengths, use the EIMI Sugar Lift and EIMI Dry Me at the ends. Then comb the hair through. Blending these products, Elements into Sugar Lift into Dry Me, creates the overall look— high shine into satin into matte.


“As you’re combing the hair, you’ll see the beautiful imperfections, and this for me, is what really makes this hairstyle work. It’s a subtle nuance which I love,” said Eugene. “What we’re doing is creating is a raw and relaxed feeling in front of this hard head shape. It looks very beautiful. If the details weren’t here, then it would look quite normal.”


Once all the hair is flat to the head, use a hair net and dryer to push the hair down even more. The goal is to get the hair shaped to the head without leaving any mark from the net.


“The products are the things that make the look very different and modern, because it is ’90s, but in the ’90s we would have used gel. This is way more sophisticated and subtle, and subtly is very hard thing to do. It really relies on your personal taste,” Eugene said. 


BTC editors Christen and Steph with Eugene backstage!

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