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February 2, 2015

Rose Gold Blonde Transformation

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The dreaded color correction. You probably do more of this type of color in the salon than any other. Moran Gallagher, Master Colorist and Head Educator Mizunyc, certainly has. Her client came in with what Moran like to call “kitchen color.” “Her friend had colored her hair at home, and let’s just say it was more “hot mess” than hot,” reveals Moran. “The hair was severely compromised–too brassy and uneven.” 


So fellow stylist Lily Yip went in and cut her hair into a shorter style, ridding her of any overly damaged strands. So Moran went in and double processed. “At some point,  probably after the second go round, I decided that the integrity of her hair was most important,” says Moran. “She had originally just wanted platinum, but I asked her if she would consider going more rose gold.  She’s young and beautiful and could totally pull it off. What’s interesting is that she didn’t even realize that such a color even existed.”  So Moran ran with it and created this stunning rose gold color creation. Here’s her secret weapon formula!


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Who Did It

Artist: Lily Yip
Colorist: Moran Gallagher
Manufacturer: Goldwell, @goldwellus; Redken, @redken



1. Even out the color palette with Formula A (Goldwell Topchic Gloss)., and process the color for 10 minutes.


2. Next, apply Formula B over everything to achieve a more pinky hue. Leave the color on for 15 minutes.


3. Then apply Formula C to create a slight shadow at the root and to give the color more depth. Allow the color to process for 10 minutes.


4. Lily then went back in and detailed the cut and styled the hair.