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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Golden Brazilian Balayage

TRUSS Professional Brazilian Balayage Color Formulas Brunette Mario Henrique
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  • Formula A (balayage)

    TRUSS Professional Air Libre Bleaching Powder + 20-volume developer + TRUSS 8X Powder (1:1.5)

When your client brings in a bright blonde balayage inspiration photo she found on Instagram, there’s a good chance it’s by Mario Henrique, aka @mariohenriqueoficial to his 444k followers…and we know why! Mario is a TRUSS Professional Ambassador and a master of Brazilian balayage, those extremely bold blondes paired with a POP of face-framing brightness that perfectly contours the face.


Mario was onstage and teaching backstage (watch the full livestream tutorial HERE!) at The BTC SHOW 2018, and we’re sharing how to recreate his Brazilian balayage transformation below. Keep scrolling for the products and color application steps for this golden dream!


Who Did It

Colorist: Mario Henrique

Products Used


  • Formula A (balayage)

    TRUSS Professional Air Libre Bleaching Powder + 20-volume developer + TRUSS 8X Powder (1:1.5)


1. Starting around the face frame, tease 1/2-inch sections and apply Formula A saturating with a brush and wrapping in foil. After the face frame is complete, move to the nape.


2. Working in horizontal, zig zag sections have the client slightly recline—this allows Mario to diffuse the lightener and have better access to the root area. Using a brush-free balayage technique, cover your gloved palms with Formula A and heavily saturate the mids to ends on both sides. Then, gently feather the lightener up using your palms to avoid harsh lines. Drop each section and allow to process in open air.

Pro Tip: For sections of hair left out in between foils, Mario recommends braiding this hair to keep it out of the way.


Watch Mario’s Brush-Free Technique


3. Once your sections reach the top of the occipital, take finer weaves and continue painting working up the top of the head. Continue this pattern on both sides.


4. On top sections on both sides, take traditional weaves and continue this brush-free balayage application technique.


5. Process, then remove the hairline foils after you’ve achieved desired lift. Remove the foils and allow these sections finish processing at a slower rate in open air. After everything has processed, rinse.


6. Apply the toning formula, process and rinse. Blow-dry and style as desired.


Finished Look