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Last updated: February 21, 2023

Beige Bleach Blonde

By Bel Mills

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  • Formula A (lightener):

    evo Bottle Blonde Lightener + 20-volume developer (1:2)

  • Formula B (toner):

    evo hue-verse 20g 10.7 + 20g 10.37 + 40g Clear

Photo Credit: Instagram via @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

Looking to create a beautiful beige blonde without the banding and damage? Keep reading! Australian salon owner and evo hair Creative Team Member Bel Mills (@bel_pipsqueekinsaigon) creates her global bleach-outs with hair health in mind. Learn how Bel protects previously lightened pieces, what products she sends her clients home with and must-have pro tips—plus, formulas!


Who is the ideal client for this look?

In short, this look is not low maintenance! “The ideal client for this color is someone who is willing to get it touched up every four to six weeks depending on the speed of their hair growth. This is the most integral thing to avoid damage and banding,” Bel explains. 


Also, clients must be willing to commit to the at-home care regime recommended by their stylist. 


What can clients expect from their appointment?

From foils to on-scalp application, this transformation took about five hours. Bel warns that this is “a time-consuming exercise, but when done meticulously and properly the results are worth it.” Since so much effort and attention to detail goes into this process, Bel charges hourly to make up for the inability to double book. She has to check this color as it processes and reapplies lightener as needed.


How can clients care for this look? 

Set up your clients for success by advising them to take home the right products! Here are Bel’s faves: 


  • Olaplex No.40 No.3, No.4 and No.5
  • evo hair Platinum Fabuloso Treatment


Pro Tip: Since we know how much blonde clients LOVE purple shampoo, be sure to remind them that purple shampoos and conditioners will never lighten the hair.


“A lot of purple shampoos and conditioners can be too strong, leaving blondes looking darker and dull,” Bel warns. Try diluting them with a normal conditioner or shampoo to avoid this!


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Products Used


  • Formula A (lightener):

    evo Bottle Blonde Lightener + 20-volume developer (1:2)

  • Formula B (toner):

    evo hue-verse 20g 10.7 + 20g 10.37 + 40g Clear


1. Apply Formula A to virgin hair being careful to pick out previously lightened pieces. “This is time-consuming, but avoids a lot of damage,” Bel says.

2. Once finished, go back and apply Formula A to the roots and process until the desired lift is reached. 

Pro Tip: “I only apply a maximum 30g of lightener at any time and remix. This keeps the lift at its best,” Bel says.

3. Rinse and apply Formula B globally. Process for 20 minutes.

4. Cleanse, rinse and style as desired.


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