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Last updated: May 04, 2018

If You’re Not Using THIS Instagram Feature, You’re Missing Out

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By now, you know that Instagram is a necessary part of building your business and your personal brand—but are you using the Instagram Stories feature at all? If you’re not, you’re missing out on another easy tool to boost your business. We talked to four hairdressers using Insta Stories in different ways to see what works—and what doesn’t.


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Insta Stories Explained: What They Are And How To Use Them
Insta Stories are videos or photos that remain posted for 24 hours, then disappear forever. You can add additional information to posted content to make it more engaging, including:


1. Location Tags

  • “When I first started on Instagram, I did a lot of location tagging,” shares #ONESHOT finalist and blonding specialist Jenn Malone (@jmalonehair). “I tried to think of where my ideal client would be hanging out, and tagged that location to find the clients I wanted…and it worked.”
  • When a viewer is seeking content tagged to that particular location, your content will appear—getting you in front of people that might fill your chair.


2. User Tagging

  • Tag any Instagram handle and that user will be notified in a direct message immediately.
  • “If a person or company sends me something in the mail, I use my story to give them a shoutout,” shares Megan Schipani (@shmeggsandbaconn), a #ONESHOT winner and stylist at Bescene Studios. “I do the same thing when someone reposts my work by screenshotting the feature and thanking them!”
  • For example, if BTC reposts your work (make sure you’re tagging #behindthechair!), take a screenshot, post it on your story and tag us again!


3. Polls

  • See what your followers are thinking in real-time with the newer Polls feature.
  • “Polls get followers to engage with you quickly because they’re able to express if they like an image or want to see more of something,” shares Annette Waligora (@annette_updo_artist), a #ONESHOT finalist in both the updo and braiding categories.
  • Dying to know if your followers prefer seeing before and after shots, or in-process videos? Are you staying up-to-date on this season’s hottest trends? The poll feature helps you ask these questions, so you can tailor your posts to your followers’ needs and wants!


Here are a few ways hairdressers across the country are using the Stories feature:

  • Instagram Stories allow you to show clients the whole process behind color corrections and dramatic makeovers. “Sometimes I don’t post the after shot until six to seven hours after the before to show the reality of how long some appointments take,” shares Jenn. “My story gives clients an idea of how long they can expect to be in the salon for a transformation.”
  •  Maayan Birnstein (@maayanbirnstein)­­­­—a stylist at Bescene Studios and #ONESHOT finalist—specializes in metallics, so she uses Stories to show her followers how haircolor transforms in various types of lighting. “I post mini videos because they show more movement and dimension than a photograph can,” shares Maayan.
  • Megan uses Stories to give her clients a glimpse into her everyday life behind the chair. “I can be myself and I do a lot of connecting with my followers when they respond to my story and a conversation is sparked.” It is an easy way to ask for feedback from your followers and stay connected. “Posting on your story gives followers the ability to reach out to you through the ‘send a message’ feature when they might have been to shy to comment on your page,” adds Jenn.