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Last updated: December 18, 2017

Why Men? Why Now? On Set with Matty Conrad, “The World’s Most Interesting Barber”

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Look who we found! It’s Matty Conrad, portraying “The World’s Most Interesting Barber,” and stretching his creativity at a top secret video project, in collaboration with OSiS+, in Hollywood.  We can’t say anything about the project just yet (except it’s unique and smart and hilarious) but we’ll be telling you all about it next month. In the meantime, though, we accepted an offer to sit down with the award-winning business owner (Victory Barber and Brand in Victoria, British Columbia) barber and educator Matty, and his partner in crime on the mystery project, Schwarzkopf Professional’s Sonya Latreille, for a discussion about the exploding men’s business and why you should be taking care of men right now.

Matty: My goal is not to bring back barber shops specifically, it’s to bring back barbering. We want to make it accessible to all stylists, not intimidating. 

Sonya: Men’s services are growing two and a half times faster than women’s services. We project that the men’s market will be around $3.5 billion in 2017! Right now, 80 percent of stylists don’t work as barbers but want to service men.


Matty: I’m passionate about the old barbering and grooming techniques. I’ve done a lot of research. I know the history. And more and more men are starting to appreciate these old school classics. But it’s important to remember that 50 percent of the reason our clients come to us is for the cuts. And 50 percent is for personality, for the way we connect. Barbering is a craftsman industry, and it’s a caring industry.

Matty: Education is important. Barbers’ weakest point is the architecture. The top sections that require texturizing. Stylists excel at that. But barbers have machinery for the sides and back.  That’s where they’re comfortable, whereas stylists may get intimidated. Sometimes in my classes, I pull out those clippers and stylists act like I’m holding a chainsaw!

Sonya: When it comes to products, it’s not always necessary for salons to carry specific men’s products if they service men. Lines like OSiS+, with 29 different products, have lots of choices that work for men’s textures, as well as for women clients.

Matty: OSiS+ Flexwax is the workhorse of the line for men in my opinion. It’s an ultra strong cream wax that’s totally re-moldable. I also love Thrill—it provides great texture with a little bit or lightweight shine. Remember, classic styles are usually shiny!

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