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October 18, 2018

What Would You Do: Your Client Went To Another Stylist To Correct Your Work

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Advice From The BTC Community On Clients Who Get Your Work Corrected

It happens to the best of us. One of your regular clients leaves the chair happy and satisfied with your hard work, and then soon after you find out that they weren’t pleased at all!? What’s worse is that they sought out ANOTHER stylist to “fix” something you had no idea they hated—and you found out online. One of our BTC fam is going through this mind boggling scenario right now. Should they let it slide or confront their long-time client? Here’s what you had to say!


“I’m pretty horrified. As I was scrolling through my feed I came across my client of 5 years on another stylists Insta! Getting her hair ‘fixed’ ???!!! Just about a week after I did it! I thought she liked it! She never said different or called to complain! Should I contact her? Should I message the stylist? Feels so strange! Looking for any advice on what I should do. Thank you.”


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Don’t Say Anything… At All, Ever

“You can’t make everyone happy. Once I learned that, I stopped taking things personally. It’s really freeing, because sometimes they just aren’t happy all around. It’s not worth your stress and worry.” – @shell.e.y_


“Let her go. No one is obligated to continue having someone offer them services, no matter how long you’ve done so previously. Another client will come with the breeze. Don’t worry.” – @_.vrenee._


“There’s no point in contacting the client. Although 5 years is a long time, it’s her prerogative to go as she pleases. People forget that this is a business. Yes, relationships are formed, but at the end of the day business is business. I lost a client of 18 years, because I didn’t go see her when she got sick. My sentiments are the same as this situation, ‘OH WELL’. – @hair_by_shoney


“No need to reach out to the client or the other stylist. Focus on making your current clients happy and they will easily replace that client tenfold. Onward and upward.” – @wonderfullengths


“In my humble opinion, I just say keep working and get better. Maybe go to the #btcshow and get some awesome tips and tricks!” – @cicelydoesmyhair


“I personally would leave it alone. At the end of the day we do not own our clients. They choose us to do a service for them and we tend to take things to heart, because it’s a form of art. I think if you are professional and know you did everything on you end to make the client happy, then just leave it at that. It’s their hair, not ours. It happens to all of us!” – @krsbrsh.hair


“Could be that the results weren’t what she was expecting, not that anything was wrong or bad. Take it as a learning experience to make sure your consultations are super thorough and that you’re both on the same page with expectations.” – @jordischon


“Leave her be. Don’t call a client and ask them to explain themselves. She didn’t tell you because she didn’t want to! It’s not personal, respect that space she made.” – @kayteob


Hit Her Up For Your Peace Of Mind


“I would definitely give her a courtesy call.” – @sboss_stylist


“I would only suggest contacting them for your own self growth. Perhaps there is an area you need to grow from as a stylist.” – @luluhairologist


“I think it is worth finding out why you lost a client that you retained for five years. Customer service is just as important in this industry.” – @mrs_florence


“I would write her a check for what she paid with you, apologize and wish her the best. It will leave her with a good impression and keep the door open if she ever wants to come back.” – @the_hair_doctor


“From a client’s point of view, I would appreciate a call in that situation. It may make it easier for her to tell you what she didn’t like.” – @viva.la.jeska




It Happened To Them

“Unfortunately, I have been there myself. I have contacted the person and it honestly has never made me feel better. And, only worse if they didn’t respond. It’s awkward for both people. The sad thing about social media is that’s how you find out about things. It’s hard not to take it personal, but don’t take it personal! You’re a badass and you’ll get a new client in your chair that thinks you’re a hair genius! – @naaatushka


“Ignore it. There’s no point in trying to contact them. I did that once out of anger, but it doesn’t do any good for either party. I had done someone’s hair and they said that they loved it. A few weeks later I found a Yelp review on a salon’s page saying she went to fix her ‘botched’ hair that I had done. I was furious, only because I would rather have had the client tell me they’re not satisfied than to stumble upon a review like that. It hurt me a lot more to find out that way and it made me feel like a crappy stylist, but I decided that I shouldn’t let one dissatisfied customer keep me from moving forward…” – @shlexii


“About four years ago, I saw a client I had done two or three times on another salons Facebook once. The other salon called it a ‘major color correction’. It was really just a miscommunication. I did a balayage, because that’s what I thought she described she wanted. She went to the other salon once, and then was back in my chair the next cycle doing babylights instead. She stayed with me until she moved out of state a few years later. It stung a little, but it’s not the end of the world. Sorry that happened!” – @pagingholland