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Last updated: May 06, 2020

What Would You Do: My Salon Is Closing Permanently Because Of Coronavirus

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Advice For What To Do If Your Salon Is Closing Permanently

On top of everything else going on in the world, you just found out your salon is closing its doors permanently. Now what? We shared the question on our Instagram and Facebook and the good news is that there is hope whether you’re a stylist or salon owner! Keep reading to see what advice the BTC Community shared.


Some Key Takeaways

  • Stylists: You have options! Start reaching out to other salons in your area and apply for unemployment (if you haven’t already!).


  • Salon Owners: Exhaust all your options before you make a decision and apply to any and all loans that you can!


DISCLAIMER: The following ideas presented in this article were suggestions made by our vast BTC Community of industry pros. For any and all legal advice, the best move is to consult an attorney. We are not responsible for the accuracy of legal claims made in our forums or social media pages, so please do your research!


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Stylists: 2 Options To Consider

1. Start Applying To Other Salons

Wondering where to work next? Start contacting salons in your area in hopes of solidifying somewhere new to work post-social distancing:


  • “Look around your area, message salon owners on their Facebook Messenger, give them a brief bio on yourself and your average book (amount you bring in) and see when they reopen/if they would have a chair for you. You do have your client list don’t you? If not, demand it when you pick up your equipment. Try several salons in your area. Good luck.” – Mary Mirakian


  • “The only advice I can give is to make sure you have some sort of backup plan. Look into renting from another salon when they plan on being able to open back up…My heart goes out to my fellow stylists! Stay strong, stay positive!” – @melissarushdoony


  • “If I were you, I would reach out to as many of your clients as you can and let them know what is going on and that you are working hard to find a place where you will be able to get them in as soon as you can. Then, reach out to every salon in the area to see if they will have any space available. As a salon owner, I know that I would love the chance to have more income from a new stylist when we can go back to work.” – Tric Salon Gunnison


  • Ulta Beauty is doing phone interviews for the salon at this time! If you’re in need of a job that has no booth rent fees and all product supplied when you return to work, you should apply on our website!” – @human_fu


  • “…Start looking for another salon that will have space and be able to accommodate you. There’s always salons looking for stylists to rent space. Wishing you luck in the future.” – @fabuluxehairandmakeup


2. If You Haven’t Yet, Apply For Unemployment

If you haven’t, NOW is the time to apply for unemployment. Under the CARES Act, as long as you are unable to work, you can apply for unemployment. However, with the amount of people currently applying for unemployment, it’s important to be patient:


  • “Have you considered filing for unemployment? I’ve never done it in my life but considering it now. It’s also available for self-employed stylists through the CARES act.” – @rausgu 


  • “I’ve saved my tax money and applied for unemployment to help keep my salon running but I fear this as well.” – @yamishairnailboutique 


  • “I filed for unemployment and am already receiving it, and I got help through United Way. Along with the stimulus, it’s going to be OK. If you closed and you paid taxes, you’re good. Food stamps can also be filed for.” – @cre8tivekutz 


Need help understanding the stimulus package? Here’s what it means for hairdressers!




Salon Owners: Here’s What You Can Do

Make Sure You Exhaust All Your Options Before Permanently Closing

Closing your salon permanently is probably the last thing you want to do, so make sure to exhaust all options before making that decision. And apply for every loan you can! The stimulus package has boosted small business loans and provided emergency grants, so not only can small businesses apply directly to the Small Business Administration for an emergency grant of up to $10,000 BUT they can also apply for the Payroll Protection Program, a loan that’ll help you pay your staff until they can get back to work:


  • “I’m a salon owner as well as having a small academy. I’ve been closed since March 10. I’ve applied for the Payroll Protection Plan. If all goes well, these funds will allow me to keep my bills paid and pay my employee. I’ll do whatever I can to rebound from this.” – @ciaobellamargherita


  • “I am a salon owner. It sucks for everyone right now, but everyone should take advantage of the grants and loans out there…We will all be so busy when this is done we won’t be able to catch our breath! Stay calm and stay healthy.” – Robin Ewing


  • “They should apply for the SBA Loan under the latest stimulus. The loan will cover rent and payroll, provided they don’t lay anyone off. It’s a great program and the loan is forgiven for the part that covers rent and payroll.” – @karmill9


  • “Please read through your rental contract! There should be a clause in there called ‘Force Majeure.’ This is a contract provision that relieves the parties from performing their contractual obligations when certain circumstances beyond their control arise, making performance inadvisable, commercially impractical, illegal or impossible. Please read your lease agreement before you decide to close your doors…KNOW YOUR RIGHTS NOT JUST AS AN OWNER BUT AS A BUSINESS PROPERTY RENTER!” – Stephanie Johnson Reed


  • “We are doing everything possible to keep our salon—apply for the SBA loan, negotiate with your landlord, stay in contact with customers…Adapt to any situation and create solutions.– @aryhealthyhair


  • “There are three loans available—PPP, EIDL and a third that isn’t so pressing from a time stand point. As an owner they can apply for ALL three. Independent can apply on April 10. Unemployment is also available for actual employees. There are a lot of options available. Please ask your banker and accountant for information.” – @donnahairstudio


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