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Last updated: September 06, 2019

WATCH: Gray Coverage + Blonde Balayage

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WATCH: Gray Coverage + Blonde Balayage

Your client calls in a panic because unwanted gray is growing in and she wants to make a balayage appointment STAT. How do you plan to keep the gray away? Lucky for us, BTC Team Member Ryan Weeden (@ryan.weeden/@mastersofbalayage) posted his favorite technique in a quickie video on Instagram because it’s his most popular service! Watch the entire video below, then keep scrolling for the color formulas and how-to steps.



Watch The Video How-To Below


Products Used


Color Formulas

Formula A (roots): Kadus Professional Permanent Color 6G + 6N + 20-volume developer

Formula B (balayage): Kadus Blonding Powder + 30-volume developer

Formula C (toner): 9V + 9B + Clear + Processing Solution



1. Start by applying Formula A on the roots only, working from the bottom up. “Notice how I hold the hair with my non-painting hand as I move up the head,” notes Ryan. “This prevents the dry hair from falling into the root color and compromising the hair texture, which would make the surface more difficult to paint on.”


2. Once that’s applied (the previous step only takes Ryan about 10 minutes), start at the nape and backcomb balayage with Formula B. “The backcombing technique helps to minimize warmth and maximize lift since the lightener must break through both natural and artificial color,” shares Ryan.


3. Next, work side to side and then up the head for a consistency of lightness. Let process to the desired level.


4. Rinse, then tone with Formula C.


5. Rinse again, blow-dry and style as desired.


The finished look!



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