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Last updated: September 25, 2018

Watch: 3 Hair Cheats For Faster Curl Sets

Kayla Boyer Video Quickie How-To Chi Spin N Curl Tips Curl Set Cheat
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Watch The Video & Get 3 Tips For Quickie Curl Sets

You love the results of a traditional curl set, but don’t have hours in the salon to follow through the complete technique—so what? We’re sharing this whiplash video how-to from BTC Team Member Kayla Boyer (@kayla_boyer) to break down how you can create quickie curl sets in way less time. Watch the video, then get three timesaving hair cheats below!

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1. Use This Tool For Consistency

The key to a proper curl set is consistency with every same-size, curled-and-pinned section. So what if we told you there’s a tool that will get you consistent curls in less time?! The CHI LAVA Pro Spin N Curl 1-inch Volcanic Lava Ceramic Rotating Curler regulates the time it takes for every curl to set, then beeps so you know exactly when to release.


Kayla swears by the Spin N Curl because it ensures the curls properly set, plus it has multiple heat settings for every hair type—from thick to fine, and everything in between!


Pro Tip: This user-friendly tool also has two directional buttons for alternating sections and a more lived-in look, so its great for starting a conversation with clients to educate and offer as retail.


2. Roll Toward The Root

Once the curl is set using a Spin N Curl, the tool will beep to release—now what? Follow these steps:

  1. After the Spin N Curl releases the section into your hand, hold it in your hand instead of dropping it to avoid manipulating the curl.
  2. Then, put a finger through the curl and continue to roll it under toward the root.
  3. Lift and attach with a small clip to achieve on-base curls. 


3. Brush It Out

After the curl set has completely cooled, remove the pins for bouncy all-over curls. For an ultra-glam look, apply flexible hairspray to a brush and aggressively brush out large sections all over.


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